Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fitness Friday Assignment

We've been focused on health so much lately, let's go back to vanity for a while, shall we? :)

Just kidding.

Someone told me at church on Sunday that the bigger the earrings, the slimmer you look. I did not know that. So this week, give us your best tips for dressing slim and fit. You can include pics (you or from the web) and links if you like. Please keep in mind, my life is very casual. I do not need to know how to dress slim for a dinner party. My life is NOT like a soap opera. Boy do they dress up on soap operas!

And also, give us an update on how you are doing! If you don't have any tips, you can just give the update!!!

See you Friday!


  1. Do you know how big my earrings would be if I had pierced ears?! :)

    This will be a fun one, Brenda! Great topic! I just might pop in!!

  2. I think this is a great idea! Now, what do I own that actually makes me look slim? Well, I'll figure something out! :0)


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