Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Making Time for Creativity

Yesterday my family went to the museum. It was very fun to have Grandma and Grandpa, Sister and her girls Gnat and Moose, and S and our girls all along. It was especially a treat to have S be able to take off of work and go with us. We had a picnic lunch together and the whole day was just great.

Everyone had their "thing" they wanted to see at the museum. Little Bit--of course--wanted to see the dinosaurs. Gnat and Sweetheart were all about the Native American floor. As you walk through, you see areas on each kind of Indian, from the Plains Indians to the Southwestern ones. As we looked at all the intricately carved hand-made items on display, a thought occurred to me.

Most old things are very ornate. Even everyday objects that weren't just for "show" but were just used everyday in the course of life were lovely. The carvings and beading and decorations on things was amazing! And it isn't just the Native Americans. Go to any museum and witness the details given to things a long time ago.

I got to wondering---why aren't we that artistic anymore? Why would ancient people, who had to work SO hard just to survive, take the time to carve and sew and design such intricate pieces? I suppose that because they did have to work so hard, any down time would be spent doing something enjoyable like carving or sewing. I suppose that was relaxation to them?

If we have any down time it is completely sucked away by media and technology. It just makes me want to start cross-stitching again! Or quilting. Or painting. Making things with your hands really is important.

Don't even get S started on this subject. He has an entire "sermon" on the loss of American values via the hand-made quilt. We no longer make quilts and the country is going to pot. Well, he has some valid points in his speech. We've let go of several things that I think we might not should have let go of.

And I know some people, who believe that we evolved from monkeys or pond scum or something, are amazed that ancient people had the abilities to do such things. But God, the creator, created us in his image. Man was made with intelligence. With creativity. Maybe we shouldn't forget to use it!

So....that just leaves me the task of straightening up the sewing room. And THEN maybe I'll be able to get creative! :)


  1. I agree! We have a convenience and "satisfaction now" mentality- neither of which lends itself to handmade, quality items.

    If we all take up quilting, will that help the economy? :0)

  2. I don't know if it will help the economy but its got o be betterthan setting in front of the t.v. watching the down fall of Jon and Kate which is what a stupidly did last night after vbs and then I couldn't sleep for being so sad and agree at some of thier attitude so probably won't be to creative or productive today either as useal you ave hit the nail on the head I love reading your blog and I love stealing all your great homeschool ideas.

  3. I agree, we ( as a nation ) stopped making quilts and the world HAS gone to pot. I have a huge assortment of quilts begun that I have yet to finish in my craft closet ! I learned to quilt from my husbands grandmother.

    Things like that, were not only family quality time but it benefited the family. Daughters were taught to cook, sew, to run a household, to rear children properly and to submit to their husbands'. Sons were taught work ethics, trades and how to treat their wives like the bible says to. The family worked together to accomplish goals that benefited and supported the family structure.

    Today, too many daughters leave their houses where all is done for them by good intentioned parents and straight into houses to live with husbands (or boyfriends, ugh ) and struggle to fit into their roles as wives. We are not benefiting our children to lose these things, only hindering!

    Okay, so I guess S and I have some thing in common there too huh B? I'll get off of the soapbox now. BTW, it was fun with your family yesterday. I really enjoyed your parents and your sister. Big girl is still talking about it!

  4. You are so blessed to know how! I half-way watched and listened to my grandmother as she quilted. She did it with newspaper on the back. I used to help her tear it off. I should have really paid attention back then. (I was 13 or 14). I didn't see myself ever making a quilt--I wish I had that vision back then!

  5. My mother in law does paper piecing as well. She said she really likes it better than regular patchwork piecing. I like patchwork piecing and like to do whimsical patterns or designs. I think I have an old book from my mother in law about paper piecing if you are interested in borrowing it. My new quilt is a cup cake quilt for big girl. She loves cup cakes : ) As do I .

  6. I guess I don't know the difference. I would love to look at that book.


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