Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Heat Is Keeping Me Busy

First of all, judging from our electric bill, our home is probably not the most energy-efficient home out there. We have to work really hard to make sure our electric bill is not astronomical by August. It's already doubled. We have ceiling fans on, we try to keep the air at 78 or 79 degrees, we keep the blinds and curtains closed (which I hate), we added lined drapes to the sliding glass door this year, I shut off lights's a battle and I don't think we ever really win it. But just imagine what our bill would be if I DIDN'T do those things!

Also there is the bunny house. We moved that big honkin' thing across the yard--just S and I--so that it would be by our house and get shade in the afternoon. We have a system set up in which we put an ice chest in their house with them along with a frozen bottle of water. They love laying in that ice chest by the ice bottle. But lately I've been having to give them the ice earlier and earlier in the day. Now I'm putting it in there by 8:30AM! AND we're having to replace the ice in the afternoon. And I go out and hose down the roof of their house too. It is just SO hot.

Today we have some errands to run and I'm wanting to leave to get them done within the hour. I don't even want to be out later when it's 104 degrees, OK? It is infathomable to me that people lived in this town in the 1800s without A/C. And wore huge dresses with long sleeves and petticoats. And worked outside. Whew!

Well, I better get to cooking breakfast before the heat hits. Even plugging in that waffle iron is going to raise things a few degrees more than I want it to!

I think my great-grandmother would be shaking her head right now. Wimps.


  1. It is Africa Hot! Even with the AC it is miserable. I need to brainstorm some cold options for dinner, I can't bring myself to turn on any heat producing element!

  2. I think that's our Fitness Friday topic this week--so check back! (it's at JulieMom's this week)

  3. Oh my goodness, I know what you mean. We got our bill yesterday and I almost had an anxiety attack just opening it up. We are already close to $400 and our house is like yours.
    Inefficiently built, my single pane windows are horrible, and I for some reason decided a few weeks ago to redo all the blinds/covers for the windows in the house. But obviously haven't gotten to all of them yet and HAD to put blankets up in the windows just to keep from frying ourselves in our own home! I am so worried about what the bill for August is going to be! These are the days when you want to eat ice cream all day long just to stay cool : ) Not that I would do that ... wink.wink..

  4. I agree - it is WAY TOO HOT!!!!!

  5. I've often wondered about those clothing options in high heat places!

    And here I've been whining about the 80 degree weather. Of course the humidity is ridiculous too.

    Keep cool! :)

  6. Our electric bill is $300+ without a/c. I've been doing lots of those types of things. Our poor husky! Last night we all slept in the living room with four fans going. Hang in there.


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