Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Becoming Organized, One Check Mark at a Time

Today is my 3rd day using the Motivated Mom's planner. The list of things to do every day never changes, and then there are 4-6 different things for each day. I have 2 friends (one real-life friend and one e-friend) joining me on the checklists and that is very comforting. It's nice knowing that others are suffering through doing the same things I am.

Today's list was VERY ambitious. We nearly died when we saw it! So I find myself cleaning out 1/2 of the top cabinets in my kitchen this afternoon. This something I would have argued in a court of law was not necessary had you asked me earlier. I mean, how can I do something that doesn't even show when there is so much obvious stuff that needs to be done??? (toy room, homeschool room, sewing hardly ever changes)

Well, turns out the cabinet I picked (which I thought was the easy one) was VERY GROSS once I climbed up on the stool. It may take time, but doing small things every day is going to add up to a BIG difference one day. I always put a lot of pressure on myself to do something big and noticeable before S gets home from work, but reality is, you don't often finish an entire room in one day.

Small steps. Little check marks.

And there is still time to do the important things like help the neighbor carry her garage sale stuff inside before the rain starts. And wash the doll clothes that go with the doll Little Bit got from the garage sale. And help Sweetheart paint the horses she got. I may not get every check mark done each day, but I feel like I'm getting more done than I used to.

OH! And the best thing is--one of the daily tasks is "Exercise." I haven't made/had time to do my new DVD yet, but each day I have been able to check off that box (swimming, driving range...). How cool is that?


  1. I wrote "hahahahaha" next to the exercise directive. That's a good one. Can I mark it off if I go up and down the stairs enough times?

  2. I've seen this planner over and over again and always thought "hmmm, what's so special about it?" but now hearing you talk about it makes me reconsider... we're also on an organizing binge and I am needing some help!

  3. And Erin, that cabinet turned into a landslide---in a good way!!!

    We store medicine and stuff in one kitchen cabinet and it had gotten out of control. So taking care of that naturally led to cleaning out my medicine basket and first aid basket from my bathroom. The organization is creeping in!!!!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)