Monday, March 30, 2009


Folks, we have GOT to finish school up! We've gone at our own pace all year long and I have really enjoyed that....but....we need to finish 3rd grade sometime BEFORE 4th grade, you know?

This week we are in the middle of science fair stuff (our first) and trying to get lots of school done. I implemented the Workbox System last week because I think it will be just the ticket to help me get school done for both a 4th grader and a Kindergartner next year. (Carisa has some great links in her posts here.)Adding that one more student in is going to take some adjustments on our part! Of course, we really aren't stopping this year as we have in the past. We decided to school year round at a slower pace this year and all I can say is, we seem to have perfected the "slower pace" part.

Also, I continue my quest for a clean house. It seems the whole family is in agreement that they would like to have a tidier home and most of all to be ready to invite others into our home at any time. So, if we all agree on that...then it is my job as keeper of this home to make sure we accomplish that. I felt pretty inspired by this site last night. Can't wait to read a bit more and attack Little Bit's closet today.

The girls have started karate classes. S always had concerns about them taking karate because he didn't want any Eastern religion creeping into their lives. But we have some Christian friends who teach karate and at the end of the lesson they do a little talk, work on some Bible verses, and pray. We are very pleased. Sweetheart is always 100% sold on any new activity and has been very excited. Little Bit, on the other hand, was scared to death--even though she is in the same class as her sister and another little friend. It only took one class for her to decide she loved it! She punches with the wrong hand, looks over at us, and smiles. She's learning a lot. *cough cough* Tomorrow they get their uniforms!

Well, I need to get busy. I just wanted to let you know why I've been scare lately. I'll leave you with a picture of Sweetheart's science fair activity. It's a small scale of how far the planets are from each other. That's her at the end by Pluto. Each paper clip--are you ready for this?--represents approximately 9 million miles! Our God is BIG!!!!


  1. Brenda
    You know, this is my first year homeschooling both a kindergartener and a 1st grader and I have to agree with
    you , the slower the better! I laid in bed last night and thought the same thing... how will we ever finish 1st grade this year. Big girl struggles so much with reading it keeps me up at night thinking what am I doing wrong? Are we putting too much stress and pressure on it , do we need a break? I'm so stressed right now! Big girl can't read well, Big boy is uninterested, Baby is having to learn sign language and Honey Bunny is out of a job! AHH!
    I am anxious for nothing to happen in our lives !!

    I love the science experiment ! The paperclip representation is AWESOME ! Our God Rules, I don't care what those atheist say.
    By the way, how are the new pets coming along? Any escapees yet ? Our hermit crabs always bailed out !

  2. Giovanna, here is where I think we need to let go of what "grade" our kids are in and just keep going until we get done, you know? Big girl will catch on to that reading one day and you'll have trouble remembering that she ever struggled. Sweetheart certainly went like that.

    The hermits are doing OK. They are a bit stinky right now so I suppose that means someone needs to clean the tank, huh? :)

  3. Yes, Brenda, our God is BIG!! Amen to that.

    And I'm sure you'll get school done.

  4. hey you might need to tell
    Amy you need about 7 tables just for your project!

    Giovanna and Brenda both...

    I beat you I school 3! Seriously you do eventually work it out and you are always adjusting you will not find the perfect "way" of doing things, because you are dealing with, well for me 4 different personalities! YEah!

    It will all get better! I promise!

  5. Yikes! Don't worry Carrie--we won't set the whole thing up at the science fair! :) And yes...I cannot imagine 4 different personalities!

  6. What a blessing to find a Christian-based Karate teacher!! I wish we had that in our area. We took our kids for sample sessions before and they had them bowing to statues & "bringing focus" by closing their eyes and hands in prayer position...uh, no THANK YOU! Bummer though- the kids loved the actual karate portion. :(


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