Monday, March 30, 2009

Diary of a Room Makeover: Coming Out of the Closet

That is what's coming out!

March 30, 2009
I started the room make-over today. I told the girls the plan and they were very excited. They have both expressed some concern over not having "their" room anymore, or their favorite colors on the walls anymore and each time I respond the same way.

"OK. You can keep your room like it is and we'll make the new room later." (And I mean that...there is no hurry.)

"NO! We want the new room!!!!" they always respond. Fine. By the time we finish this makeover they won't even like the same colors they did back when we painted their rooms 2 years ago. It'll take that long, believe me!

So step one is to clean out Little Bit's closet. We started that today. Her closet goes SO far back on each side that when we first moved in, I stored mine and S's extra clothes there. Today I pulled them out and guess what? They don't fit so much anymore. Off to the resale shop or donation site!

Next I have to get all the toys out of there and then we will paint the inside of the closet a nice bright white. I say "we" because there is NO WAY I can squeeze myself in that closet! I'm sending in the little ones. Here is a picture of one side of the closet to give you an idea of how deep it is. There is a matching side just like this.Even the closet poles go back that far. Not that you can reach those clothes. Which is why I finally pulled clothes out today that had been there 2 years. Not the greatest design. The shelves on top go back that far too. No telling what's up there! I'll have to do some real acrobatics to reach all that stuff. I guess that's why it was full of junk when we bought it. The people knew it was there....they just couldn't reach it!Here. I'll throw Little Bit in the closet for some perspective. That's why the girls will be painting part of this closet.

Here is a picture of the front of the closet. The doors are mirrored and fold back out of the way. I wish I could say they were closed most of the time, but they aren't. The room looks really nice when they are closed.

See? I cheated and just painted purple on the part that showed. This time I'll do better...I promise.

I'll keep you updated. Unless I get stuck in there. Then I'll have one of the girls bring the laptop to me.

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  1. That was a funny image in my head, of you getting stuck in the closet. "Girls, bring me my laptop and coffee and just paint around me, k?"

  2. Progress is awesome!! I look forward to seeing the end product!

  3. Seriously, who designed that closet?! I can see shelving in your future.... :)

    Hope you don't get stuck!

  4. Love the Pooh pic for reference... :0)

    It's getting there! And if you DO get stuck, well, I just want to hear the story. Make SURE they bring the laptop plug too.

    Wouldn't want you running out of battery life.

  5. Haha! Wow, those are some tight quarters.

    I covered up my ugly closet ceiling by tacking and draping gauzy, sparkly fabric...kinda like Jeannie's bottle.

    I finally started getting rid of my clutter and listed a bunch of it on ebay - I figured I might as well make money while I'm making space! So far, so good. :)


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