Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fitness Friday: An Easy Meme

You can just answer in the comments if you like. I just wanted a place for folks to link up if they had written an update on their fitness progress.

I'm feeling very motivated this week and I have eaten a lot of salad and fruits. Also, I have limited myself to one coke a day. I'm very proud of that! I really lost my motivation there for awhile, but I can't afford to! Summer is coming and I want to enjoy myself and have energy to play with my kids and look good at the beach! (provided there IS a beach after Hurricane Ike)

Here's the quick question today. If you could have any personal assistants (money is no object), who would you hire and in what order of importance? (personal chef, trainer, hair/makeup person, accountant, etc.)


  1. 1)Hair stylist (lots of gals in this house!!)

    2)Personal Trainer


    4)Personal Chef

  2. OK-my list is well thought out (a girl can dream!)
    1. I should say accountant first b/c then I will have the money to pay all these other assistants.
    2. Personal chef--it's easier to eat healthy when it's all there for you.
    3. Personal trainer--with my own personal gym. Why not dive all the way into fantasy world? :)
    4. Hair stylist--I am convinced I could look like a celeb every day if I had one of these.
    5. Massage person/chiropracter--I can't spell that masseus word. See? They must make house calls.
    6. Personal organizer--this will be a full time job.
    7. Make up artist.
    8. Oooh! Personal shopper!!! But only when I don't feel like going.
    Hmmm...what else could I have?

  3. I have lost my mind!!!!! I just read JulieMom's post and I forgot cleaning lady!!!! What was I thinking???

    She will be first. No doubt. And I'll put a seamstress on here, but I want to learn from her too. In the meantime she can make fabulous modest clothing for me and the girls.

    Oh, and I left off manicurist/pedicurist. That one rates right up there with the massage.

    Man, I'm going to look fabulous!!! :)

  4. Yes, after reading JulieMom's list, I realized that I overlooked a few obvious things, also.

  5. Well, maybe I spend a little more time in La-La land than the two of you. That would be an easy explanation. :0)

    But one that I'll never admit to! LOL.

  6. 1. Cleaning Lady
    2. Personal Chef
    3. Chauffeur

  7. Mine would have to be :

    1. Cleaning lady with OCD

    2. Personal organizer for appts. for husband and children

    3. Massage therapist

    4. Professional diaper changer - as if there is such a person

    5. Professional launderer

    6. Personal trainer

    7. Personal shopper

    8. Gardener

    I love to cook and bake so I would do that myself
    and I don't think I could handle anyone else doing
    my finances, that's the untrusting Italian side of me

  8. Come on Giovanna! This is fantasy world! If you can find a cleaning lady with OCD and a diaper changer....why not a trustworthy accountant? :)

  9. 1. Cleaning lady.
    2. Hairdresser.
    3. Stable boy/girl.

    My list is short, but still oh-so-optimistic. ;-p

  10. what order?

    1. Hair stylist. My hair is both my friend and my enemy. Sadly most days it's more enemy than friend so I could really use a personal hair dresser.

    2. Cleaning lady, cause I hate to clean!

    3. Laundress (or launderer, I'm equal opportunity here). I hate laundry more than cleaning.

    4. Private tutor for Indy. Don't get me wrong, I love home schooling him, but hey, as long as we're dreaming here. I would still be involved, but it would be nice to have someone else answer the 8 billion questions he asks me on any given day.

    5. Personal Trainer. To work out with me in my home gym. Indy would join in too. He loves to exercise and we could call it PE.

    6. Make up artist, but only for special occasions. I'm good with doing it myself on regular days.

    7. Masseuse. No explanation needed!

    8. Personal Chef. I like to cook, but some days it would be so much better to turn the kitchen over to someone else.

    9. Accountant. Yeah, this one should be higher up, but money is no object, right? I just need someone to pay the bills. ;)

    And what would I do with myself since I have all these people to do what I would normally do? Fantasize about Edward Cullen, play with Indy, fantasize some more about Edward Cullen, read, travel with M and Indy and spend as much time as possible on the interwebs reading fun blogs. Oh, and fantasize about Edward Cullen, of course.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)