Saturday, March 7, 2009

Diary of a Room Makeover--Things I Know For Sure

I don't know much, but there are 2 things I have decided on for these new rooms. First of all, let me explain that the loft beds will go in the room that is currently Little Bit's room because it is bigger, and Sweetheart's current room will then be sort of a "rec room." You know, toys, movies, fun stuff.

So, I thought that there was special bedding for loft beds and top bunks. Regular comforters are not going to work at all because you can't tuck them in around all the rails that will be there. I don't know exactly what the loft beds will look like yet, but this will give you an idea of the rail/comforter problem: (picture source)

So I did some research online and discovered that the bedding I want is called a "bunk bed cap" or "bunk bed snuggler" or "hugger comforter". Good to know. What it means is they have elastic on the bottom 2 corners so they stay hugged around the mattress at all times and you just have to tuck the rest in. See?
(picture source)

I also discovered that they are expensive. But I want them.

The other thing I know is that I like dots and circles. I want to do this on the girls' new bedroom wall.

That's pretty much all I know. So, anyone know of a good picture tutorial for how to make those hugger things?


  1. The loft idea seems so cool...yet there is this cringe in me of, uh, i dunno, broken bunks give me that cringe, lol. LOVE the hugger thing, it is exactly what I would want for most of my kids beds, just never knew they existed! Make?? as in homemade? yeah, i would pay you to make me some! ;^D

  2. Oh don't think for one minute that I won't be lining the floor with comforters and quilts for the first few weeks! :)

    My only concern is when there is a sudden clap of thunder and they are scrambling to get to our room....but we'll just have to run drills or something!

  3. I've made crib-sheets before. Seems like the hugger would be like. I think marking a rounded corner and attaching an elastic seam would be a walk in the park for someone who conquered the dinosaur world! :D

  4. :) Oh but and sewing don't get along that well!

    It's just that I can't visualize what I need to do--but you are right, it's just like a fitted sheet. Hmm.

  5. Ok, my daughter had a loft bed for 4 years - and the reality is, she never made the bed. Much less tucked anything in. But the beauty of it is that you cant see it anyway, unless you're 7 feet tall! I miss that loft..

  6. We have bunk beds but I never knew there was such a thing as a bunk bed cap. We just a have a regular comforter, but like you said, it doesn't tuck in all the way around the rails.

  7. :D I'm gonna be the dissenter here. I'd buy the cheaper comforters and teach the kids how to tuck their comforter under the mattress just like you tuck sheets under. But, that's just me because I'm cheap and practical and boring lol.

  8. MrsW--you mean mom! :) LOL I don't think it's physically possible! I found a hilarious article about that and I'll be linking to it soon! :)

  9. Not physically possible? I did it when I was a kid. LOL.


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