Monday, March 23, 2009

Moving Day

They packed up all their things that would fit in the wagon.

Ah, this is the one. The house with the sign out front.

It's a fixer upper.

Oh, you don't think so? HA! It's a decorator's dream! Sure, it's a nice dollhouse... but it's such a blank slate.

They moved right in and went to bed. They were so tired!

There is so much work to be done.
What's that you say? You're going to remodel?
A hand-me-down dollhouse is SO exciting!!! Just look at this face!

They've been playing for over 3 hours with it now. Non. Stop.
A sweet friend gave it to us. Which Little Bit deserved because she very unselfishly gave away her baby dollhouse a few weeks ago to a little girl at church. Anyway, I'm very glad this blessing came her way.

Have you seen The Year of the Dollhouse? It's total inspiration. (Just look at all they did!) Not just for the little things we can do to the dollhouse....but the relationship we will build in so doing. Very wise, that woman.


  1. What a marvelous post!! Isn't it wonderful how the Lord teaches us - at all ages - that His care and provision can be counted on, even when we feel like we've let everything go for the blessing of another! What a SMILE Little Bit is illuminated with!

  2. "Oh, for cute!" as they say here in the upper Mid-west!

  3. Love the pics!

    Thank you for wishing my sister happy birthday. You made her day!

  4. Civilla, our bilingual students used to say, "Que cute!" :)

  5. What a lovely doll house! I hope your girls enjoy countless hours of decorating and doll house fun. I know I would!

  6. Now that is a face that radiants some sunshine ;^) ...I would have LOVED a dollhouse like that when I was little! What a blessing.

  7. That is so awesome! What a blessing, for sure. My girls love dollhouse too. So much fun! And I love that it's WOOD!

    Many, many happy hours to come for sure!

  8. Brenda, thank you so much for linking to our dollhouse blog. We have loved so much making memories with our doll house. The year of 2008 was truly a doll house year for us. I'll never regret it. You found a great fixer-upper house. I look forward to reading more of your blog.


  9. We have that same dollhouse and I love it because it is big enough for two little hands to being doing things inside at one time.

    I have been wanting to paint it for a while. You have inspired me to help my girls to fix it up. Great post!


    p.s. I paid over $100.00 for the house. I am so jealous you got yours for free!!! Wow, great!

  10. Well I think it was well worth the money since all of your daughters will play with it (even the "coming soon" ones!) :)

    Here's a site I found with free printable wallpaper! I'm so trying this!

  11. so sweet!! i am glad that i found your blog again!! my computer died and i had to get a new one, so i lost almost everything from my old one!! good to "see" you again! :) hope you have a wonderful week!!


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