Thursday, March 5, 2009

Around Here...

  • I have a self-imposed assignment to get something around here in order for Fitness Friday. That needs to happen today, obviously.
  • I have jumped on board to participate in JulieMom's challenge too. Hey, anything to get my house in order is good.
  • We are picking up hermit crabs today for the girls. Their first pet (besides fish). They are beyond excited. We were going to go buy some on Saturday, and then one of the mamas from our homeschool group posted an e-mail about how they wanted to get rid of some in exchange for some sewing. Perfect! Thank you Lord.
  • We are thinking about putting the girls in one room again. Little Bit is having trouble sleeping and they would do better sharing a room again for a few reasons. THIS time S wants to build them loft beds. That would give each girl her own space, give tons more square footage to the room, and I think they would really love them. Since they both want to be on top "next time we get bunk beds." And that is not possible--so, loft beds.
  • That thought of putting them in one room is stressing me out because I feel like I JUST finished decorating both of their rooms. In reality, we've been here almost 2 1/2 years but also in reality, I JUST finished the quilt for Little Bit. Of course she can still use the quilt, won't match anything and that's killing me.
  • I want them to have a matching "sister room" where they have similar but different comforters on their beds. I want to make them a really cool room. But then, what do I do with their current comforters? And I have to take down the curtains and make new ones. And re-do the lamps. And re-paint the mirrors.
  • And I LOVE doing that stuff---I guess it just seems a shame to undo their current decor. So I'm trying to put off the room change as long as I can. Why does stuff like this stress me out?
  • And it would be so cool....because we could turn Sweetheart's old room into a toy room/reading room/art room very-cool-space.
  • Maybe I just need to spend some time dreaming and planning all this. I think the idea is growing on me the more I type.
  • Hmmmm.
  • And I have a thought....which is more important, being a keeper at home or doing ministry outside of the home? What about when you have to choose? For example, our church has had several ministry opportunities lately in which you sign up for a 2-4 hour time slot and go serve. When these activities are not appropriate for the kiddos, I stay home with them. I have a problem with getting childcare for the kids, so I can go serve. I'm supposed to be the keeper of this home, watching over the home...and how can I do that if I'm not at the home or with the children? If it's something we can do together, GREAT! But what about when you have to choose?


  1. Ugh! I have made NO progress on the Fitness Friday assignment. Well, my husband rorganized my spices, and built litle shelves for them so that it's easier for me to see what I have and find what I need. Theoretically, that could hepl me cook a greater variety oh healthy meals. Does that count?

    As for your last question, I stay home with the kiddos. I believe that keepin my home is my fist and most important ministry in this season of my life. In some instances, say a church memeber suddenly takes ill or loses a family member, I try to apply the law of love if I can find a sitter and go to provide what is needed.

    But I am with you on this one. Ministering to our families is ministry. Frankly, I think families with older kids, empty nests, and singles should be called upon to take on more frequent and time consuming ministry obligations. But that's just me.

  2. Decorating? What's that? I'm not entirely sure, so take pictures of whatever you do so I can grab some pointers.

    And, I'm with Terry on the serving at home vs. serving at church. BUT. I didn't always do this. I used to spend a lot more time teaching Sunday School (while my husband was in charge of the kids, which is hard if he's trying to get them ready for church on a Sunday), but have cut back on my availability because it does take so much time away from the family, even it it only seems like two hours. I do work from home on things for church (ie. computer work or stuffing bags with handouts to parents), so that is enough for now.

    And, I agree with Terry on calling on others in the church that may have more time to contribute to serve. There are others in a different season of life that can afford time away from home.

  3. The thing is...if I leave the kids at home with my husband to go serve, that's not really being his helper, you know? He needs to get the yard mowed, etc. and that's harder with little ones around to watch. Plus, what does it say for me to leave them with someone else while I go "serve for the Lord."? THEY are my job and responsiblity to train. This home is mine to keep and guard. My husband is mine to help. Neglecting these things to go do other (good) things doesn't make sense.

    I've heard it said that the fruit of our work is several years off, but hopefully one day I will present to this world 2 beautiful, godly ,wise young women. If I leave them now to go serve....that may not happen like it needs to. Does that make sense?

  4. Oh, I totally agree with everything you said! (Sorry if I wasn't clear.) I was feeling badly for going off to church to serve (which is good) while my husband was watching the kids and not doing what he needed to be doing, or not being able to rest after a long week. As well, my kids were seeing me go to church to serve but not seeing me do the same thing at home. I was sacrificing the best to do the good. Didn't make sense, so that is why I backed off.

    My ministry is my family and my home first, and as opportunities for service arise, we decide on what do do only after conversation with my husband and prayer.

  5. I agree that our homes are the most important. I do want to be involved in ministry if my boys can be with me, such as street witnessing they can be in the stroller right there with me.

    The decorating sounds cool. Wish we had the finances to be able to decorate our boys room.

  6. Being an interior designer, I feel your pain! But I love to change things and recycle old ideas to others who are so talented in that area. Maybe you could serve by giving away your beautiful quilt to someone else. When I have to's always home...

  7. I meant to say to those who AREN'T so talented...

  8. I agree with your follow up comment Brenda. I guess I didn't articulate my point very well.

    Home should always come first. I do not think we should make a habit of leaving our families to do church work. Heaven fobid!

    When I spoke of helping a fellow believer in the case of a sudden emergency, by no means did I mean to imply that we do this type of thing every week, or even every month. The type of routine church ministry opportunities that you described in your post? I don't even give them a second thought and the people at my church already know not to even ask! Like Karly, I do things that can be done at home, usually from my computer and at my own pace. For example, I compile a quarterly newsletter for a ministry at my church. It's low stress, and I can do it on my schedule, so long as it's done by the beginning of each quarter.

    When I talked of getting a sitter, I was thinking of extraordinary situations. In such cases, even my husband appreciates that we need to be willing to cancel our own agenda from time to time for the sake of the larger fellowship that we are a part of. Particularly when someone needs our compassion in presence and not just words.

  9. Terry and Karly, you were both clear...I just realized I had more to say on the matter, that's all! :)

    Mrs. W--I decorated Little Bit's nursery for under $5. I am not even kidding. One thing I did really cheap was print out some nursery rhymes (you could also do Bible verses) and paste them on scrapbook paper (50 cents each) and frame them in frames I already had. $1 for 2 things to hang on the wall! Oh, there's lots you can do...but I understand. I don't think I've ever had a "budget" to redecorate. I do it on the cheap for sure!

    And absolutely Terry--routine ministry vs. special situations--I understand. There is a difference.
    And Karly--"Sacrificing the best to do the good." I LOVE THAT! I'm stealing it.

  10. I did a post about this when we first got here because I felt SO MUCH PRESSURE to do everything I was asked, even though I truly believe my kids and family come first. It's a struggle sometimes.

    Now about the rooms- I would have KILLED to have a loft bed when I was a kid. I wish we could do that here in my girls' rooms. It DOES add so much more room for them to live.

    Go you! Can't wait to see what you decide and come up with. It'll be great, I just know it!


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