Friday, March 20, 2009

Fitness Friday: Half the Battle Is Mental

I do not consider myself to be athletic. I have never played any kind of sport. I asked to play sports when I was in elementary and my parents said no. I think they didn't want to invest the time/energy/money into sports. Whatever the reason, I never played any sports.

S played football from the time he was 5 years old. Just look at his tiny tough self all dressed for a game! His mom signed him up for sports after she and his dad divorced so he would have some positive male role models in his life (coaches). He was good at it and played football through his sophomore year of high school. He finished high school playing basketball. He also ran track, played on the church softball team a few times....oh, and fished his whole life. Is fishing a sport? Anyway, the point is, he considered himself athletic. Sports were something he did.

I, on the other hand, took bowling in college.

So needless to say, I don't view myself as athletic. It's not part of who I am. I was lying in bed this morning thinking that is why I have had so much trouble adding exercise to my life. It's not something I have ever done.

Nor did I really NEED to when I was younger. I was super skinny all my life. I gained some weight after marriage like everyone does I suppose, but it was those precious babies that took me over the edge. (I never recovered either) Seeing myself in vacation pictures this week has made that really clear.

When Fitness Friday first began, I lost some inches. Changing your eating habits really will make a difference in weight. (health too--but I'm thinking about weight today) I've read every single Fitness Friday post that you all have written. I know how you are all exercising. I see your weight loss tickers. I just haven't been able to jump on board. It's a habit I have never, ever had.
But it's time. I have to start seeing myself as someone who exercises. I have to become an exerciser. I saw some pics of a friend on Facebook who has lost 27 pounds. I've got to get going.

It starts now.

I know we are taking a break---but here I am posting. So, if you posted too...sign on up.


  1. Yeah, I never recovered from having babies either. And now look at me. Here I go again! :)

    Brenda, exercise can be really scary if it's something you are not used to. It's an unknown. I felt the same way about 7 years ago, but I read books on exercise and how to do it.... and what do you know? I lost LOTS of weight! I know you can do it, too, and I know you will find the perfect thing to do that you just love (DVDs, walking outside, even joining a gym-- although this one is a financial commitment.) That's the big thing, though. Find something you love, something that gets you results to motivate you to keep on going, and something where you can listen to some tunes or even radio shows. (Right now I listen to my iPod. That was a major purchase.... but it makes the exercise all worth it. I can listen to my favorite Christian podcasts during my workouts and *almost* forget I'm sweating.) :) OH, and find a buddy, too! That helps a lot-- someone to keep you accountable. (It drove me CRAZY when my husband started up and was losing all kinds of weight and I was still-- plump. It's the competitiveness in me that got me going. But it worked. :)

    Alright. Don't know if I helped you at all. And in fact, you didn't ask for ANY advice. Just want you to know I'm cheering you on and praying for you! :)

  2. I've never recovered from taking wayyyyyyy too many credits my senior year of college. Amazingly being stuck to your desk reading books and writing papers doesn't do much for your health!

    I played softball in high school but that was all Megan's fault. :)

    I took badminton in college - that was actually quite a workout and I loved it!

    And I was in a bowling league last year.

    Running in circles and jumping to conclusions doesn't count as exercise, does it?

  3. I'm not an exerciser either. I thought I had found the solution when I got the Leslie Sansone and Weight Watchers In-Home Walking Routine DVDs. I really enjoy doing them, but my problem is doing them. I keep putting it off and putting it off, and before I know it the day is over and I never got to it. :-(

  4. Molly---neither does running late. :)

    And GGG--I think that's the problem with ANY exercise solution. You have to make yourself get up. You have to make yourself go to the gym, get on the treadmill, whatever.

  5. You took bowling? How cool! MY college didn't offer bowling! I took archery. Plenty of time to stand around waiting to shoot. And badminton, but that doesn't count as exercise, it's too much fun!

  6. My husband says fishing definitely is a sport! ;)

  7. I love sports, but not for the exercise. I'm a TAD competitive. But I am not a sore loser.

    I don't enjoy mindless walking/running on a treadmill. I want to exercise with a purpose.

    Namely running the other team into the ground. I mean, doing my best and having fun.

    Yeah, that's it.

  8. When are you starting Fitness Friday back up?? I want to join back in!! break time is over...we all need to get it going again and be accountable!!


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