Monday, April 2, 2012

I Love Myself

I've been reading my old posts from last March for about 30 minutes now. It's fun reading what was going on a year ago.

And realizing I had NO idea that in a year's time I would be sitting on the couch big and pregnant and getting ready for a new baby in this house. You just never know.

I had a baby shower Saturday morning hosted by Carrie. It was wonderful! I'll download the pictures today. It's stormy outside right now and I should probably get off the computer before a fire ball knocks me across the room. I used to watch Rescue: 911 a lot. What can I say?

Also, need to get to the doctor today, locate the kitchen sink under all the dishes, and teach the children something.

But first? A shower. Priorities, people.

Be back later today, hopefully!

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