Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Shower

My good friend Carrie offered to throw me a baby shower a few months ago. Her strength is planning. She is an awesome event planner. My mom was super impressed.

Carrie said she had Pinterest to thank, but said it was very annoying to not be able to pin stuff because then, of course, I would have seen it!

Just look at all the cuteness and yumminess and loveliness!

The donut hole tree was a favorite!!

Everything had cute little labels with owls on them. 

She also had a "Decorate a Onesie" station set up. We had a slew of 8-12 year old girls at the shower and they really enjoyed this. Let's just say that the paint on their onesies MIGHT be dry before the baby comes! Then later the grown ups visited and we've got a lot of cute, original outfits for baby.

There were 3 different sizes of onesies to choose from. 

And of course the really fun part: the presents!

I'm only sharing 2 pictures because I make the CRAZIEST facial expressions! Mercy!

But look at this sweetness! The girls were SO excited to get to open these and will look so cute coming home from the hospital with their (hopefully) little sister.

"Biggest Sister", "Big Sister", "Little Sister."

Some other shots of the morning:

There's the awesome hostess. I'm digging in!

It was a lovely, lovely shower. Thank you so much Carrie! (and everyone who came!!)

I feel much more prepared now.

And also, after looking at the pictures....just a little hungry.


  1. ah thank you lady! It was fun and I am so glad so many were able to come!

  2. "Hopefully little sister"? Are you having doubts about just how big this baby will be? Or?

  3. No, hoping it is indeed a sister! The ultrasound was kinda iffy to me.


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