Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm a Hater

Woke up this morning thinking about the very heavy responsibility I have to take care of my family's health. S has not felt really good this week and his blood sugar has been really high. (which is why he hasn't felt good!) Then this morning I got to thinking about the girls too. Everyone has something that needs to be dealt with!

click to read their diagnoses!

These are just the things that came to mind this morning as I lay in bed. S and his diabetes (which I HATE), Little Bit's TS (although under control right now), and her scalp problems are back, and Sweetheart with her complete love of all things sugar and starch and her avoidance of any form of vegetable. (thankfully, her asthma is gone!) Sigh.

As a homemaker, I feel such a HUGE responsibility in all this. I KNOW 90% of these problems could be helped or cleared up completely by proper diet. But OH "proper diet" is SO hard!!

I really just want to go to the store and mindlessly buy Hamburger Helper and Cheetos like I used to in the early 90s, OK? Grocery shopping was easy then.

Menu planning, label reading, grocery shopping, (affording the healthy stuff), is all so much work and I feel very overwhelmed when I think about it all. And then there's me being pregnant and the new baby will be here soon and I need to make wise choices then because of...well, new baby and breastfeeding.

This isn't going away, is all I'm saying. So I suppose I need to really, really get with it.

The thing is, no one in our family has IMMEDIATE MEDICAL RESPONSES to bad choices. If someone were to say, have an allergic reaction or go into a seizure because of a food choice, then obviously we would be very careful and diligent. But that isn't it. In our case, a person can choose to eat a really bad-for-you meal and you really won't notice any difference in their life right away. BUT I KNOW it's having a bad affect on their long-term health. I know the future path if these problems are allowed to continue.

I won't get into any of my specific plans right now. They are still swirling around in my head. I need to do more research. I need to pray, too. All I do know is I need a plan of action and I need to start taking this responsibility very seriously.

Because I absolutely HATE all these health problems. But I LOVE my family.


  1. For the sugar addict, look up "the Sneaky Chef". They show you how to make foods kids like into healthy foods. :)

  2. i feel for you. i do. i'm right there with ya - wishing it were all so. much. easier. the burden of the healthy responsibility is a bit much at times, and i find myself wishing to pass the torch... but it rests on me, for now. sigh.

    oh... you might be happy to know that your sweet girl was fed pizza {crust from whole foods, low-sugar spaghetti sauce, rice cheese}, gluten-free cake <- sorry a little sugar there, and she only took a few bites of her ice cream... all in all, not too bad for a party night? ;) i'm guessing she likes the yogurt places better? ;)

    1. oh... and organic strawberries! whew... okay, i feel better now. ;)

  3. Huh...honestly I don't know. She likes ice cream. Could it be you actually filled her up??? A true birthday miracle!

  4. Have you heard of Grocery Shrink Plus? This lady, for $5 per MONTH will email you a meal plan, grocery list, and action plan to get it all done. Her recipes are even adjusted for gluten free if you need it. Pretty neat!

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