Monday, April 16, 2012

Desperate and Tired = Desperately Tired!

Twenty-seven days left and I'm feeling that desperate "I've got to get this over with" feeling already! Well, I was last night anyway. I think I was just really, really tired.

I'm still tired today, by the way. Thank you, thunderstorm at 4 am.

Sweetheart went with me to the grocery store yesterday. I was really glad to have her there too as she pushed the basket for me. (buggy, cart) Ug. I can't imagine I have to go weekly grocery shopping three or four more times!! It's so tiring. (Are you sensing a theme here? Brenda is tired!)

I hope to have the "nursery" complete this week and post pictures. I have several other things I would like to have "complete" this week too. Heck, I would like to complete anything! I feel like I have 400 loose ends all the time. Which makes me feel....never mind.

We did have fun this weekend! We had so much trouble finding a parking space at the beach last weekend, that we decided to get up early and go on Saturday. So at 7:00am we rolled out of the driveway. It was incredibly windy and rough at the beach, but we had the WHOLE place to ourselves minus some surfers and people walking their dogs.

Yeah...the lens was incredibly dirty. Salt water + wind.

Then, on Sunday morning, S went out to put the potluck casserole in the car and smelled gasoline really badly. He opened the garage door and wow! The smell about knocked you down. It took about 20 minutes to find the source (because there wasn't really a puddle on the ground). Turns out one of his lawn mowers was leaking. The dangerous part was our hot water heater is located in the garage. I had a friend whose house blew up when painters left the door open to the utility room where their hot water heater was. Blew the roof up and set it back down. And, since we like the current location of our roof, needless to say, we were very late to church.

So. A little fun. A little excitement. It's all good.

Did I mention 27 more days?

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  1. tired... seems to be my theme, too. but for different reasons. ;) huge hugs to you, my friend! got to love having the beach to yourselves like that! fun!


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