Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's Summer Somewhere

I see people on Facebook who live in other parts of the country who are already out of school.

I want to be done with school.

The thing is, as a teacher (and before that as a student), there was closure. You cleaned out the desk, locker, backpack, etc. You took down the bulletin boards. You boxed up the stuff and shoved everything to one corner.

And you were done.

You could drive away and feel free.

Our homeschool room is A MESS. We will still do some school stuff in the summer. And I just don't feel free. I really really want to pack it up and clean if off and be DONE. Then I think I could feel like summer was here. I guess I will do that on Friday. (Thursday is our last day.)

On another note, my new housework schedule is working out great! I love it!!! Yesterday I worked in the kitchen and dining room. Today was errand day. I don't worry about the other things because I know their day is coming. The girls have been cleaning up the living room each day. (It really IS all their stuff like I thought.) It's great. I think it will really help me keep up. Still, I'm really looking forward to waking up and having the whole day to do what needs to be done. I'm going to give us all a week or two off before I start doing any complicated summer activities. Just let 'em play. Then we'll start being more purposeful with our days.

Thank you to everyone for the congratulations on our great news. I am so excited and cannot wait to see the little heartbeat and be assured that everything is going as it should. I don't really feel pregnant except all the naps I've been taking. I usually hate naps. It is unfathomable to me that I worked up until the day I had the other two. I am very thankful to be home this time and be able to rest when needed. Very thankful indeed.

So....when does your summer start....if you have one?


  1. Love your new schedule. That is my goal, too, to have one or two things to do each day, not worrying about the rest until the specified day. I used to be so good at that... :)

    Oh, I napped all the time last summer when I was pregnant. I took a nap every. single. afternoon. I loved it! My kids were on the couch watching t.v. and I was there too, just asleep. It really didn't help it was so stinkin' hot. But, I sure did like my naps. Hmmm... maybe I should get pregnant again for that privilege. :)

    As for summer? I don't even feel like I've had a "normal" school year to warrant a summer break. I think we'll work until the end of July, then break in August before we start back up again in September. I just have to see how it goes....

    You going to do those themed weeks this summer with your girls like you did last year? I might be thinking about that...

  2. I think we're just going to continue with FIAR and use whatever book we're on for our theme. Haven't really decided yet.....

  3. We don't take off for summer, we just have what we refer to as "FUNschool". Lots of unit studies, art, music, crafts and fun times. Sometimes I think we should take summer's off for my sake. Momma needs a break. But I do like being able to take time off during the year when we need to guilt free, and I like not having that sluggish review period at the beginning of the new year.

  4. We don't like summer. It's 115 degrees and every obnoxious government school beast has been turned loose upon the public at large. We study and take our long break from Thanksgiving to Epiphany.

  5. We school year round. We are really schooling heavily this summer because little bumble will arrive sometime in August and who knows how things will go after that. HA HA.

    My third pg has been my hardest. It isn't easy like it was in my 20's!

  6. Sounds good to me. Two are done with school, and Love Bear is hanging on by her teeth. Should be done by the end of the week.

    We are NOT doing ANY kind of school this summer. I have too much to think about with packing and moving back to the States for furlough. We'll wait until Sept or I may lose my mind. :0)


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