Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Casually Feminine: Shirts, Tops, and Blouses

You should not listen to anything I have to say. I just saw pictures my mom took around Easter and I looked so humongously fat in every single one. I thought I had on good, flattering shirts, but apparently I was sadly, sorely mistaken.

That's it. I'm sticking with black every single day of the week. I tried color and it was not good.

For those of you who look better in shirts than I do, you should try layering. Oh I love layers. I don't have nearly enough layering stuff. Here are some great under layers. They help with everything. Cleavage? Covered. Shirt ride-up? Taken care of. Rolls of fat? Held in place. I'm telling you, layering is the way to go.

I don't think I have worn a button up shirt since I had children. Buttons always seem to tug and gape. There was an unfortunate incident with a pretty shirt from Dress Barn and S's Christmas work party and the guy on my left but we won't go into that.

Which reminds me.....get good bras!!! I'm preaching to myself here too. I did go get new ones last year and used Oprah's bra sizing guidelines. It's time to go again though. I would love to have a professional fitting. Well, let me re-phrase that. I would love to have a professionally fitted bra and look all slimmer and younger. I am slightly horrified at the thought of the fitting though.

Two more things come to mind and I feel like such a hypocrite even sharing this stuff. It just goes to show I KNOW what should be done, but fail miserably when I do it. I really need Stacy and Clinton to come running in the store and slap stuff out of my hand. Or some of you girlfriends to come shopping with me.

OK the first thing is: find out what colors look good on you. Secondly, get a neckline that flatters you.

I think shirts are where modestly falls all to pieces for some ladies. A full length mirror is important. I don't wear sleeveless shirts, but it's important to check if the person beside you can see all the way through your armhole or not. Then there's cleavage.....transparent fabric....too short shirts...the list goes on and on.

And most of all, forbid photographs being taken around you when you are wearing a bright turquoise shirt.

OK, your turn. Teach me the right way ladies!


  1. You crack me up! Thanks for you complete honesty. I am with you! If you were to look in my closet you see black, white, baige and a couple burgundy shirts. Problem is they are either t shirts or long sleeve tshirts. I have no style when it comes to shirts. I love layering cause it covers the cookie rolls! But when I layer I feel look even bigger and more sloppy.
    These days the style is the 'maternity' style tops. Okay, I have three kids and just stepped out of my maternity clothes 6 months ago. Now I am encouraged to pull them back out?

    That is all I need is from some nieve gentleman to ask me when my baby is due (when I am NOT pregnant). I have already been brainstorming what my answer may be.

    I look all the time online for ideas but they all look so good on those models. The only solution????? Get a personal shopper to fit ME properly. ... Maybe one day.

  2. You are both killing me! :0) I agree that these maternity top styles are NOT flattering to most women. Especially if you are big bosomed and also suffer from stomach fat. (Not that I know anyone with those issues...)

    Color is your friend...but the right fit is a better friend, lol. :0)

  3. honesty kills.

    number one if YOU look humongously fat I am unsure where that leaves me!

    number two unfortuntely at my current (like the use of current!!!) NO shirt is a flattering fit so I am just trying to at least look more feminine! I can only do so much!

    number 3 color is your friend but I LOVE me some black! Hubbie always compliments me when I wear color so HE must like it, so I do it for him!!!

    number 4- bras! yes good fit is neccesary again I digress to current size- no fit is a good fit, BUT I could at least own one that is not so stretched that is it barely looking like a bra or has holes in them!!!! We always put our family first ladies.. I guess we gotta put our B****B's first sometimes!

    number 5- I do not do the layer thing, cuz stuff gets bunched up, then I have to do the double pull and adjust! NO good.

    number 6- these topics cause me to evaulate WAY to much I dont know if I wanna play anymore! :)

  4. OK Carrie, first of all. When I say I looked humongously fat, I mean that disconnect between how I THOUGHT I looked and how the pictures SHOWED I looked. Hate that.

    Secondly, the shirt you wore to the zoo was beautiful. You always have pretty colors on.

    Thirdly, yes, we need to go bra shopping. I have a friend who wore the same one for 7 years through nursing 3 children!!!!!!! Talk about your boobs being last! :)

  5. I Always have that disconnect. In my mind I am trim and healthy! ANd I look just fine TILL I SEE TEH PICTURES!!!!! I feel like I am a LOT thinner than I am!

    thank you for the pretty color compliment- you forgot I had earrings on JUST FOR YOU! :)

    7 years!!! I dont think mine are that bad, but they are not good! lane bryant has bra's buy two get one free. I think I might need to go shoppin!

  6. For any interested parties, I got a picture of me in one of the outfits mentioned and I've updated my post accordingly.


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