Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Because I'm Done

I'm already thinking of how I'm going to organize the school room next year. Yep. Already. Mostly because right now I want to go in there and completely take it apart. I'm done with this year. (Tomorrow actually is our last day. Did we finish? Well, we came closer than we ever have before. Five more lessons in math and 2 more chapters in Botany. We'll do them in a few weeks.)

I liked the arrangement this year but it is genetically impossible for me to leave the homeschool room arranged the same way two years in a row. Completely impossible.

With the addition of one new little child, something is going to have to change. But not yet. I did some figuring and realized this baby won't be into anything THIS NEXT school year. The next year? Yes. Then we're going to have to re-think all the scissors and markers and papers and books that are so easily accessible for those under 2 feet tall. That's not something I've ever had to worry about since Little Bit was already 3 when we started homeschooling.

Plus, I don't have the space in there to add a shelf of "tot school" type things. Maybe it's possible, but not without some rearranging. My family just loves it when I want to move those giant IKEA shelves. I want them back where I used to have them. Everyone is going to love me. So much.

And of course I feel the pressure to get in there and get going before my belly is bigger than my ambition. Some things are just going to be harder in a few months.

Don't even get me started on the girls' room makeover and how I need to finish that before I have to create some new space for a little one. (WHERE?)

Clearly, I need a summer break. And a whole lot of energy.

Do you pack up the homeschool stuff for summer or leave it out year round? Anyone else purging right now? And one more question....what essentials do you HAVE to have for your homeschool? Could. Not. Live. Without. Kind of things?


  1. Oh, you are WAY ahead of us in Botany. We're going to start Lesson 7 when we get back from vacation in July. We've been doing Botany for over a year now and we're only on Lesson 7! Grrr... We have to finish it by September though because we're signed up for a co-op for Anatomy! Oops, sorry, personal vent over! I have my own blog for me to talk about my life on, huh? ;-)

    Anyway, as far as essentials, this is what I've figured out we need: Art supplies (construction paper, scissors, glue sticks, crayons, markers, colored pencils, sketch pads, and colored cardstock), and our curriculum books. Those are the only things we use every. single. day. Otherwise, all this other clutter I have lying around for "just in case" random moments could really go (shhh... don't tell hubby).

    And btw, I LOVE your IKEA shelves. That exact shelf has been on my wishlist for at least 2 years now. I'm really holding out hope that one day...

  2. Erin, we've really been flying through Botany and NOT doing every single activity. Oh well.

    The shelves were like $200 which is a great price for their size. At the time, we had the money. I don't recall how. :) But if I had to order them and pay shipping that would have been over the top. We have an IKEA in driving distance so it worked out OK. And I think you are right. Art supplies, PLENTY of paper, and our books. I've got to purge.

  3. Goodness, no. We don't do the 'school' thing so it's pretty easy to manage. We have a family library (most people would use it for a formal living/dining room) so the books go back there for our long break in the winter. The boys' workboxes are in the closet under the stairs, so they're not part of our 'decor'.

    My essentials? My bible - don't try to home educate without one! My family library - we're collecting all the good stuff that the government libraries don't carry. My sewing room - I love stealing time up there creating something that does EXACTLY what I tell it to do. :) It's therapy for me.

  4. I am at the point where the belly is in the way, but I struggled to get through those first months. I was exhausted! Not as tired now, but whinny at night. Although now I have the painful pelvis issues going on. HA HA

    We are deep into the guest/baby room part. My schoolroom is great for now. Although you make a good point. I need a tot space! Isn't that exciting as all get out???? Squeal!

    I also need to get my boys room together.

    Have fun and I hope you get more done in the beginning than I did.

  5. I just purged about a hundred pounds of workbooks!! YEAH! Great feeling!! Yesterday was our last day of school, and this morning I purged EVERYTHING. Can't stand it hanging around.

    We "must have" what others have mentioned. Can't do school without art supplies. Or the Bible for pity's sake! :0)

    We'll be traveling a lot this coming school year while on furlough, so I'm trying to wrap my brain around how that will look. Not pretty is my first thought, but I'm trying to think positively! :0)

    Any suggestions are welcome, by the way.

  6. I am so with you on being done for the year! Unfortunately, we got a little behind what with the new additions to our family. I told the kids we had to do school until the third week in June. They were not happy:)

    I think lots and lots of bookshelves are essential. I never seem to have enough. I also gave each of the kids their own shelf this year for their "stuff" which worked out better than giving them a box, etc. to put their stuff in. It seemed to stay neater. I like to keep lots of paper and craft supplies on hands to entertain my littler children while I'm trying to help the high school kids with something. Of course, book, books and more books.


  7. I am actually moving everything around today. We "school" in our dining room. We are taking a three week break (waiting for the new curriculum to arrive) and I want to have everything in order when we start back. I love to start back with new pencils, crayons, etc... I could not do without our boxes that I keep each child's school stuff in. Usually it gets spread all over the table anyway, but when I want to do a cleanup it goes all in their boxes.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)