Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Journey of Octobers

A few years ago we began to change the way we did things. As a newlywed, I decorated a really cute Halloween wreath to hang on the front door of our apartment. S told me he didn't like it and he didn't really think we should be celebrating Halloween. I, of course, thought that was the silliest thing I'd ever heard. I ended up throwing the wreath away, but when our kids were born, we started them off celebrating Halloween just like everyone else. Oh don't get me wrong....we didn't do "scary" Halloween. So it was okay, right?

I thought I would post some of my older posts about this. It's interesting to see how our family has been transformed these last few years.

2007--Changing is Hard

2008--A New Tradition

2008--The Tea Party

I have found our new tradition to be very satisfying. The kids get a costume. We make sure there is some candy involved in the activities (but I can control how much!). They get a day of fun. And it has nothing to do with Halloween. There are no Halloween decorations--nothing scary, nothing evil, nothing gross. AND they learn too!

This year's theme is Pioneers. All the girls will have a pioneer dress, provided we finish sewing them in time and they will do pioneer era activities that day. I can't wait!

Anyway, two years later I no longer find it hard to do this. Halloween is NOT something we participate in. The kids are used to it. We have no desire to celebrate Halloween any more. The thing they really liked about it (the costumes) have been preserved. It works.

Sometimes I guess you just have to practice a bit.

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  1. I'm glad you've come to where you are comfortable with living out your convictions :-) We don't do Halloween either... and we do "weird" things like keep Passover, so I know exactly what you mean about not fitting in. But it does get so much easier when you just move forward in what the Lord has commanded you, in faith. He gives peace :-) Pioneer day sounds fun, I can't wait to see the pictures!


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