Friday, October 2, 2009

Brenda The Overachiever

See this closet?
It sits in our living room beside the fireplace. We call it "the coat closet." It measures 25" deep by 30" wide.

Kinda small, huh?

So tell me, please, how THIS MUCH stuff

was crammed into that closet? I'm not even including the 7 or 8 coats hanging up on the fireplace in this picture.

You can see my "Put away", "Give away", and "Throw away" designated spots were not quite big enough. (That would be the laundry baskets buried in the background)

So how did it all fit, you ask?

Hard work and determination baby.


  1. Oh my word! LOL! Good job sorting everything out!

  2. Drowning in stuff her too!! Trying really hard to purge.

  3. Too funny! :0) Can't wait to see the after!

  4. Where's the after picture? I can't wait to see it : )

  5. I followed you over here from Terry's place... and I'm so glad I did☺

    "Hard work and determination baby." You're an inspiration to us all, dear;) Hehehe


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