Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Your Daily Cry

I love Sara Groves. I love her even more now. I'll give you a few reasons why in this post but first of all, if you do nothing else, listen to this story she tells.....

...and then tell me how you can not want to go give away half of everything you own to someone who needs it. I love because he loved me when I had nothing. I was not a person of promise either. He gave everything. He loves us.

Here are some other great links.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! What an awesome story. What jumped out at me is this line: He is not asking me to save the world, He is asking me to pay attention to an individual that He has brought into my life.

  2. Matthew and I have had a hard spring, summer, and fall full of a lot of jobless time after TWO layoffs. We are really at a breaking point right now, but the love that has poured out of unsuspecting places has been so rich and SO from Him. I had a brand new friend bring me bread and she had enclosed a very large sum of cash in the bag. She even baked the bread herself. I was hit in a way I had never been hit by God's love. I had always been the giver and never the receiver. I am so humbled.


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