Sunday, October 18, 2009

Teaching What You Want to See

If you aren't happy with some behavior your kids are (or are not) might help to teach the behavior that you do want to see.

Not a hard concept, huh?

Lately I've been a bit disappointed in lack of responsibility, lack of manners, etc. in our girls. I stumbled on a list of character qualities with definitions and Bible verses and printed it out. I've been thinking all evening how I'm going to fit this into our homeschool day.

I guess it's not surprising that they are not displaying the character I want them to unless they have been explicitly taught how to behave in that way and seen it, um, modeled. Ahem. There are 49 character qualities on this list. That is a LOT of character traits to learn.

Character and morals are things that anyone can teach their children, but I want to teach them from a Biblical point of view. I'm not sure how much schools are teaching and reinforcing character traits these days, but I know the best teaching comes from home.

Sweetheart learns best by drawing and reading so I think we will make a notebook for these character traits. Some of the things I'm thinking of are:

--copywork on the definition of the character quality
--look up and copy the Bible verse that goes along with it
--illustrate the character trait
--read a book that goes along with the trait we are studying. Most likely it will be The Children's Book of Virtues but there are others

I'm still thinking about all of this. How do you teach "character ed" in a formal way?


  1. You mean we are supposed to model what we want to see?? What a novel idea!! ;)

    I don't yet teach this in a formal way.... but will now. :)

    And, do you know they have a children's show called the Adventures from the Book of Virtues? We have a channel called Qubo and it's on there. Look it up. It's a great show that illustrates stories from the book, even BIBLE ones. Imagine that, BIBLE stories on t.v.! :)

  2. Hi! I've been loving reading your blog. I am a mother of three and am just starting to homeschool my oldest daughter. Character qualities and such have been on my mind too the last few weeks, and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind posting the list of qualities that you will be working on with your children. Blessings on you and your family!:) And thanks for all of the great've been really helpful to me lately:)

  3. Welcome Julia! :) Karly, I've heard of that channel and the girls watched a bible show at a friend's house but I dont' think we get this channel. I've tried seeing it online but maybe I should try again. That would be awesome.

    I'll be happy to give the link. I found it on the Duggar's website---sorry if someone doesn't like that! :) From what I can tell they got it from another source that may be controversial but nevertheless---the information is GOOD!!!

  4. Thank you so much! We love the Duggar family! I'm headed over there right now! :)

  5. I really enjoy reading your blog! We started using Joyful Heart Character - it has a song sheet you can print for each character trait and each song is to the tune of "If you're Happy and You Know It." There is also a corresponding Bible story and memory verse. So, Obedient is "If you Obey and you show it you'll do what you're told, If you Obey and you show it you'll do what you're told; You'll do it right away and with a happy heart, if you obey and you show it you'll do what you're told."
    Works great for our family!


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