Monday, October 26, 2009

I Can't Even Concentrate on the Furniture

We are in the market for a new chair as our ten year old recliner finally bit the dust. We really need a chair because without it, we only have the couch to sit on. We do not enjoy sitting that close to each other in the evenings....all four of us. Lined up like little monkeys.

We have Bible study with good friends every other Friday and last week I grabbed the outside chairs from the garage and put them in the living room. They are really good friends so you can do that. S got home from work and said, "We're back to lawn furniture?" Actually even when we were newlyweds we didn't have lawn furniture. He suggested we get a cable spool for an end table too. Hey, I liked the cable spools. Mostly.

So I've been looking on Craig's List hoping to score a great chair for very little money. Can we just establish a few things?

1. It's called a dining room table. NOT a dinning room table. Stop it with the double n already.

2. I don't care if you paid $4,000 for it's not new anymore and you need to get rid of it so come down on your price.

3. If you are going to post a picture of a chair and matching ottoman, consider taking the baby toy off the ottoman. Consider taking the heap of whatever it is out of the chair. (Is that laundry? Is that the baby???) It's just a thought.

4. "It rocks back and forth" is not tantalizing me either. It's a rocker. I expect that.

5. Throwing the word "designer" in the title doesn't fool me. Everything was designed by somebody!

And for goodness sake use spell check or get a friend to look over your work!

Still looking.....


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  2. The adventures of Craiglist. I know them well. We have gotten some great deals, there.

    The imagery of four little monkeys was pretty humorous.

  3. Yes I have been looking on Craigslist for a bed for my oldest, and it's just like you describe!

  4. I bought a desiner rocker beanbag chair once.
    Looked cool on tv
    busted within weeks.
    Been cleaning lil bits of styrofoam beads ever since. (and the silly part is, I've moved TWICE since then!)
    The picture of the folding chair is nice, and as it turns out, I have the rocker version of that.
    Now, if I could just get someone to fold me up with it after I use it, because it's getting really harder everyday to get out of it!

  5. I found that I was able to buy good family room furniture for a great price at the It was less costly than elsewhere.

  6. I'm looking on Craigslist right now for a small desk for my hubby...I'm stealing your idea for a "space just for him" as a Christmas present....we have very very VERY limited space! So anyways...I'm looking around the site and see the 'dinning' table you talked about...but how about this one: 'A beatiful antic girls bedroom set'

    I laughed out loud and thought of this post immediately! Have a great day!

  7. Oh that's awesome Julia!!! I remember looking at houses and one was advertised as having "parkay" floors. Really? Floors made out of margarine? I mean, take a second to look it're online anyway!!! :)

  8. I love craigslist. Funny post!


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