Thursday, October 29, 2009

Raking in the Dough

Tomorrow I'm going to earn some money. The first money I have earned in at least 2+ years. I have always worked up until I quit a few years ago to stay home. I worked from the age of 13 until I went to college. I took off my freshman year at the request of my dad so I could "learn to study." After that I worked the remainder of college and after graduation, began teaching. After I quit teaching, I worked part-time for several years. I have nearly always drawn a paycheck of some sort.

Tomorrow I will use all the training I received as a reading specialist to test a little girl who is struggling with reading. I will earn $10.

I know! But I'm still excited. It feels good to use what I know to help someone else and earn a measly little amount to help our family. Who knows? Maybe testing will turn into some tutoring jobs? It certainly would be nice.

It's hard to trust God for the future sometimes. I know so many families who have operated under the philosophy that mom will stay home when the kids are little and then return to work when they are in school. Many times the reason given is because they have to do something. I mean, in a few years the kids will be in college and they will need money for cars and braces, etc.

I understand that way of thinking, but if you understand God's word to say that wives should be keepers at home, then that plan doesn't work as well. Homeschoolers really have a problem as no matter how old the kids are.....they aren't going to school. It makes it doubly hard for mom to help out earning money. Which makes you begin to question all the things you are "supposed" to, cars, vacations, etc. Who says that's how we must live?

I've heard women say that they truly believe God wants them to be home, but then when they throw their job application out there and get a job offer, they say that clearly God wanted them to have that job! Either the Bible addresses this or it doesn't. I don't believe God would leave us to wonder on such a huge topic.

We are just better at listening to our culture than God's Word.

So why am I taking this job? Because it will take 1 hour and my kids will not be neglected. I can help a friend, earn a little money in the process and be done. I think there are probably tons of ways for wives to earn money and I am all for that if it can be done from home. The more a job takes a woman away from the home (and from her family!) the more leery I am. It's hard to keep the home if you aren't there.

Ah well. I never thought this way until a few years ago. My heart changed long before I came home. I didn't think there was ANY way I could ever become a homemaker but by the grace of God....I am. Whenever I think of it, I am motivated to work even harder for my family. I am so grateful to be here.

I just found out about a friend who has gone back to work full time as her youngest child is now in school. It breaks my heart to think she is not at her house taking care of things anymore. I am praying for their family. I hope they will decide it's not worth it, trust God, and she will come home again. I do not think it is impossible anymore. The Bible transcends culture and years. His plan for the family still works.

Even if you have to eat a lot of bologna sandwiches. :)


  1. I hear you. I am a very independent person, and it was not easy for me to quit my job to stay home with our first baby. (I was a freelance sign language interpreter and earned GOOD money.)

    Then we started deputation, and I thought maybe I could work part time while we were home. It was chaotic at best. Not good. Won't ever do that again.

    I agree that we don't even realize how much culture has influenced us, and make decisions on what is "logical" instead of what God's Word says. But it's scary sometimes to do things God's way.

    Good for you for earning some money and not having to leave the kiddos for a whole day. One hour! Ten dollars!!

    That can buy a lot of bologna :0)

  2. I have not worked for 8 years and got a nice little letter from AARP asking if I would like to receive their magazine! It was hilarious. I also got a letter from the government asking me to check off a box as to whether I was deceased or not. That was even funnier! I had just dropped off the face of the world I guess.

    I had at one time considered making quilts and selling them and thought it would be good because I could teach my daughter quilting at the same time. I kept saying, when I have time. I have never had time to make and sell quilts and God has taken good care of us. We have what we need, not necessarily what we want, and we are happy with that.

    It reminds me though, I have so many started quilts that have yet to be finished. Ahhh, someday. : )

  3. Giovanna, I think you have hit on it. It's choosing to do what God asks us to do, not necessarily all that we are capable of doing.

    It's a sacrifice to keep the home and train our children and help our husbands. It's a sacrifice in a lot of ways, but one we make for the Lord.

  4. Fortunately, we will be well prepared to live on one salary starting this summer, as we've survived on the stipend for two graduate students for five years. It will feel like we're rolling in the dough! :)

    Honestly, with the end of grad school and the beginning of being a SAHM in sight, I am having significant motivation issues finishing up my degree. If I hadn't already put so many years of work into it (oh, and if we wouldn't starve and have to move into a homeless shelter and lose my pregnancy coverage), I'd start staying at home today.

    Less than a year to go. Surely I can handle it?

  5. Some women have to work to be able to eat ANY kind of sandwiches. Not everyone lives in a nice house with two cars and a pet. Maybe you don't either. Keeping the home can mean making sure it is running properly.

  6. Yes Mrs. W---it's not an ideal world. But what I'm talking about in this post is the choice to go to work or keep the home. And how many times women choose work out of fear that God will not provide if they follow his plan. Or ignorance of his plan....

  7. And Megan---you are SO close!!!!! You can do it!!!

  8. Thanks for the encouragement, Brenda! That's what I keep telling myself :).

  9. ah yes, to stay home in a culture that screams otherwise,eh? When I first stayed home, we cut back on every corner (we were at poverty level, and survived ;^) much later, much more comfortable, and many more children, my husband got laid off for 18 months... i began to help put food on the table...any way i could...part-time hairstylist (have kids/will travel, lol), cleaned the church (again, kids in tow), ran a very successful childcare while still caring for my own, and part-time oncall assistant for a law firm (all of these at the same time, can anyone say 'crazy') but you do what you have to...and being mom was always first. and I must say being a SAHM is the best gift ever! not easy, but a blessing non the less!

  10. Mrs. Hollinger, I have been talking up hair stylist to my daughter. I think it is SUCH a smart choice. You can get your training, get a job and when you get married and have kids you can still have the flexibility to earn some money and not neglect your family. Oh it sounds like a great thing. I wish I had that training!

    And, all that at once? WOW!!! :)


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