Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Treasures On Earth

It's true. The Bible says not to store up what moth and rust can destroy and what thieves can break in and steal.

Or, what can be broken or what can get wet in the windowsill.

Sweetheart brought this sign to me this morning after she discovered it had been sitting in the track of her window for a few days--accidentally.
It came from the dollar store. Her old babysitter bought it for me one year for Mother's Day and helped Sweetheart wrap it before I got there to pick her up.

It's been in her room since she was 2.

On my bathroom cabinet is a small sign that has been in her room since before she was born. It was a gift at her baby shower. It broke a few weeks ago and she was very upset, but she knew I could glue it.

But she and I both knew there was no fixing this.

And I knew I couldn't buy a new one. The dollar store inventory from 6 years ago isn't exactly replaceable. But those tears---they got to me. I hugged her. I consoled her. I told her I was sorry.

And honestly I had no idea that little sign meant anything to her at all.
...to be continued


  1. awww...poor little one....I bet she is disappointed! Isn't it funny how they get attached to things we feel have no "value" at all?

  2. We had kinda the same thing happen a few years ago with a picture in a frame that got too hot and stuck to the glass and was unsalvageable. I decided to replicate the family of bears with stuffed animal bears that I made clothes for that were exactly like the clothes in the picture. The turned out very cute and she loved them. We put them on her shelf in her room and now she can look at them just like before. That may be an option for you. I know your a wicked sewing machine!! : )


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