Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Countdown to the End

We are very nearly through with school. A few weeks ago it looked as if we might be in school through July and begin 4th grade, oh...in August. But thankfully, that will not be the case. We have doubled up on the History lessons and we are nearly through with Math. All that will have to be done in June is Astronomy a few days a week. Then we should get July off. That's the plan anyway.

So History was really fun yesterday. A lot of times we just read the lesson and make the timeline figures. More on that here. But yesterday's lessons were on King Xerxes and Esther. The story was how Xerxes tried to attack Greece and the activity was to make Greek warships like this one:

Here are ours:

Now for the big test.....

Well, if we had been in charge of Greece, Xerxes might just have gotten that revenge he wanted.

Esther, of course, underwent 12 months of beauty treatments before being presented to the King. So, we gave each other make-overs. I won't include those pictures, but the girls had a blast with all the make-up and crowns and fancy clothes....they won't soon forget that lesson!

Also, I just had to let you know that the mermaid doll came out great after all. I just sewed another hair piece from this tutorial and sewed it right on top. A bit of glue on choice strands and she was good to go.

And here is my reward for that:

Little Bit didn't get to go to the party since she had a fever. So we sent along "Flat Little Bit" instead. I hear she had a good time.

Now....we're off to finish this school year up! I'm counting down the days, people.


  1. I'll bet you are! Almost there! Bummer about the ship, but mermaid doll sure turned out great. Hope the little one is feeling well soon@

  2. Love the ship with "evil" eyes!!!

  3. I was panicking too for a while- we started school two months late, and if I let them do their school work at the normal schedule, we'd finish in AUGUST!

    But I re-vamped it, and now we're looking at the third week in June. I'm ok with that.

  4. Ah, come on B - let us see your make over pictures !
    That would be fun ...

  5. Xerxes is ridiculously fun to say.

    Your mermaid doll turned out so cute!

  6. I am having a good giggle over those ships. :) The mermaid dolly is GREAT, girl!


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