Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fitness Friday Assignment: Picture This

I have a pretty big assignment this week, so I'm posting it early. It requires you to use pictures in your post, so if you don't have the capability to do that, there will be an alternate assignment for you! OK?

I love seeing people's houses. I'm very nosy that way. I used to ask to go to the bathroom everywhere we went when I was little and my parents accused me of "just wanting to see what color the bathroom was." It's true. Whenever S talks about someone at his work, I always picture how they look in my head, even if I've never met them. It's always funny how far off I am.

Well, when you ladies talk about your kitchens and your treadmills, etc., it makes me wonder what your set up looks like. I'm nosy. The people want to know. This week: you will reveal.

Pick an area of your home or life related to your fitness goals and give us a tour. Let us know what's working for you in this space and what's not working. What dreams do you have for this area of your life? For example, you might show us:

*Areas of your kitchen. Perhaps you have really gotten this healthy eating thing down and want to share some things you've done in your kitchen that help you be successful.
*Your workout area. I can see this being an area where we might dream big. But show us what you've got and what you want to add.
*Your closet. Maybe you've gotten rid of clothes that are too big and want to brag.

WHATEVER!!! Just as long as you include pictures for me, because I'm nos...well, we already went over that.

Those were just ideas....any area will do related to fitness, of course.

Now, for those of you who don't have a digital camera or can tell us whatever you like about your area and then dream big. Go virtual shopping and show us what you want to buy. Stuff for the kitchen? Workout equipment? What would you buy to help you in your fitness goals? Remember, there's no budget for virtual shopping! (And include links so we can dream with you!)

How does that sound? Any questions?


  1. Auugghhh!!! J/K Wow, that is a big assignment. We really have to share our house? (whining terribly now). ;) Oakie Doakie, but please don't be too disappointed. Here's an idea versus the closet thing. Clothes you used to wear and what you are wearing now, or what you wear now and hope to wear. I'm not showing my closet by any means. Hee hee.
    Thank you for making this fun!

  2. oh, my! i have to clean!! no...wait..i already did that for the in-law visit this weekend...ok, this might be doable. as long as the ankle biters don't destroy everything before i can get the pics taken...can't wait to dream BIG!!

  3. The ankle biters---I have those too! And yes, they destroy things pretty quickly. :)

  4. Sounds fun, Brenda. Looking forward to it!

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  6. You got a spam comment! Wow, this Fitness Friday stuff has put you into the Big Time! :0) (I am assuming you don't actually KNOW Gary, which you may. My apologies to Gary if you're not spam.)

    Anyway, I think this idea will be fun! And you know how I LOVE pictures!

    And...I was the same as a kid. Loved looking in restaurant bathrooms, and love seeing other people's houses and stuff. :0)

  7. First of all. Who's Gary? And does S know? :)

    And, I'm nosy too. My pictures won't be too exciting. But I'll be excited to see everyone else's. :) Fun topic, Brenda!

  8. Oh Gary is just our FF spammer. Who knows? Maybe he'll post pics on Friday! :)


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