Friday, April 24, 2009

Fitness Friday: The Awesome Edition

Do you know what would be awesome? Having a stocked pantry/refrigerator full of healthy and good food.

I was going to say that it would be awesome to have a personal chef, but then I realized I don't really want someone here....I just want good food around.

Guess what? I have a car. I can drive to the grocery store and buy awesome food. DUH! Why aren't I taking care of myself in this way? Because I pick what's easy and what's cheap and what's fast. It's time to start spending a bit more time planning meals. I hate doing it, but I would love having the food around, so I need to work towards it.

Of course this means cleaning out my fridge and pantry. Sigh.

I also think it would be awesome to have a treadmill here at home. I don't have any desire to drive to a gym, but I would like to work out at home. While watching TV.

But it would be awesome to just work out. I would feel better. Man! I just can't seem to get that one going. I think I will ask husband to help me get going.

As far as my health and weight loss and fitness goes, I am not being awesome in any area. So is it better to be pretty good in all areas, or really awesome in one area? How do you guys do on the balance thing? Can you keep up with working out AND eating right AND spiritual health AND all the other things? Or do you just excel in one area at a time?

And don't even get me started on how the house looks.

I want to be awesome at something. I'm going to try the healthy food thing first. I'll let you know how it works out.


  1. Wow! I didn't expect to see your FF post this early. That's awesome. LOL

    I think I misunderstood the assignment this week and did not write about what I think would be awesome. Nothing has been awesome about my week at all. And yes, I totally relate to the balancing thing. That is my major struggle.

    I do keep healthy foods at home, in my refrigerator and pantry, but don't always take time to cook them and am usually looking for something fast instead. So now I'm trying to cook up a batch of stuff at least a couple of times a week so there are lots of healthy leftovers to snack on.

  2. Hey there! I'm motivated today I guess....I got my post up before 8am! WHAT'S UP!!? That's a far cry from last week...squeaking it in at midnight on Friday night! ha

    Have a great weekend, ladies! I can't wait to read about all your awesomeness! Awesomenesses? ha!

  3. There's no way to misunderstand this assignment b/c you are supposed to write about whatever "awesomeness" makes you think of! Can't wait to read what everyone came up with.

    I know Rachel--it's like I don't even know you anymore. :)

  4. I struggle with the balancing thing too! But I think starting with one thing is the right way to handle it and then everything else will fall into place after that. Just don't forget to involve God in all of your choices...or nothing will be balanced :) Can't wait to hear of some of the meals you planned and made this week...maybe we should do a midweek post on that...! I'll tr4y to remember :)

  5. Brenda if you have cable tv , go to the On Demand section which is on channel 1 and pull up the exercise section. They have tons to chose from, butt, torso, thighs, aerobic, tae bo, yoga, everything. It's a great way to get in exercise, try something new, be where you can hear or see the girls and CONVENIENT !!!! Mine love to do the exercises with me . Big girl is all about the yoga right now : )
    And by the way, you are awesome at something.......
    Being a mom !!

  6. Yes!! Jillian Michaels is On Demand here!!! :D

  7. Finding the balance is tricky, but I think all those areas are related. Exercise improves attitude and increases the energy to get it all done. And once you start seeing the results of working out while eating good foods, you're inclined to eat more of those. The whole relationship with God is the foundation. No mater how much success you might have in other areas, if this one is being neglected, it's all for nought.

  8. Truth is that you probably get plenty of exercise just living if you're not a couch potato.

    Eating good, whole foods, drinking plenty of water, and controlling portions are probably a more important focus for someone who is always on the move throughout the day.

    Someone who sits at a desk for 8 hours straight, however, has to make workout times a high priority.

    Can you take a walk with S and the girls in the evenings? That might be enough until you find the time to fit in more regimented workouts.

    Now, if only Little-Miss-Know-It-All-Terry would go and take her own advice!

  9. Maybe "balance" is a myth?!

    Finally got my post added!

  10. i will post after i comment...this will be a bit hard for me! i don't ever put awesome and 'my name' into a sentence together!! it may take me a while to figure out what awesomeness is for me :)

    this week i am going to try and re-set my system, so to speak with a diet detox (none of those funny, expensive drinks for me, thank you very much). just a break from processed junk, caffeine (*sob*) and gluten type products...wish me luck!! hopefully it will jump start my trek to a healthier me!

  11. Gin, I had a friend do that a few weeks ago and she said it was great. She just ate natural food all weekend and drank 400 gallons of water. :) Good luck--let us know how it goes!

  12. I just posted a second post since I misunderstood our assignment, and I really had lots to say about awesomeness today. What a difference a day can make. :-)

  13. I so love what you are doing here. I agree, having a pantry and fridge stocked full of healthy foods would be awesome. I'm working on that very fete this weekend!

  14. Brenda I just want to thank you for taking the time to host Fitness Friday. It's going to work some awesomeness for us ladies.

  15. So glad I found you, thanks for hosting this. Be blessed.

  16. Balance...not easy. I have not mastered it in the least. I fluctuate as to what is awesome and mastered at the moment.

    No excuse...just happens...

  17. I'm glad I came upon your site from Grace Violets! I hear everything you're saying, now if somehow I could muster up the energy to do what you want to do :) I'd be in good shape.


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