Monday, April 27, 2009

Eating at Home: It's Not Just for the Frugal Anymore

So. Husband and I were discussing the Swine Flu yesterday. It was a hot topic since Little Bit had a fever of 102.7 Friday night. While our street was flooding. While S was visiting in the garage with a couple of teenagers (they were seniors in high school) who had flooded out their car on our street and were waiting for the boy's dad to come get them. While we had rabbits in the bathroom pooping everywhere because I had to rescue them from the rain because they are only 6 weeks old and one of them was sitting under a drip and the other one was stuck outside under the ramp and couldn't figure out what to do and Sweetheart was worried about them.

Whew. To think I used to drive home from work on Fridays and think, "What should we go do tonight?"

Well, she didn't have the swine flu. Just a virus and she's all better now. Husband said he was listening to Michael Savage Friday and I have to say he had a good point about the whole swine flu thing. You may disagree with everything Michael Savage says because goodness knows he's opinionated, but this one thing was quite logical. Among other things he said if you wanted to protect yourselves from the swine at home. He had some points about illegal aliens (from Mexico, where I live that's where they would be from) working at restaurants. Hmm. Good point.

So that made me decide to run to Kroger after church instead of grabbing fast food like I would have normally on Sunday nights. But which Kroger to go to? We have 2 that are near enough our home. I remembered that the "safer" one of the two, the "nicer" one if you will, had a really bad robbery last weekend. One of the moms from my homeschool group told us about it. Her brother-in-law was the man hit in the face with the butt end of a rifle by the robbers. Another mom from our group was in the store with her 3 year old while the robbery occurred. It was a bank robbery, so I made the quick decision to go to the other Kroger, since it does not have a bank inside.

There were no baskets when we got there. None. I was pretty surprised since the parking lot didn't seem that crowded. So Sweetheart and I lugged those hand held baskets around the store. The checker told us 2 local grocery stores had been stealing all of Kroger's grocery carts. My goodness! Where can I go that's safe and germ free???

Oh yes. Home. Which is where we'll be eating, thank you very much.

And later I'll have to tell you about those water disasters. Which, oddly enough, had nothing to do with the flooding on our street two weekends in a row!


  1. That is entirely true about the illegals working at fast food places and restaurants here! It is a good point to think of because so many of the illegals we have here ( were Brenda and I live ) are from Mexico and go back and forth quite frequently. Not only that but I spoke to a man not long ago ( who was a registered immigrant ) that said if they get deported they just wait for another family member to pay their way ( through a coyote ) to come back and can be back in the states within a matter of days !!! Don't even get me started with illegals where we live , they drive me crazy !!

  2. I can't stand illegal aliens. My husband and I went through two tough years and paid LOTS of money for me to be able to immigrate here LEGALLY, yet there are those that think they are too good to have to go through the same processes? And when people know that I'm an immigrant, they treat me with disrespect because they don't like illegals so they treat everyone the same.

    Anyhow, when whichever house we buy closes, one of my first projects will be a BIG garden. A berry patch, lots of vegetables, and a herb garden. That way I will have fruit AND medicine readily available to me. Although, I hear that Obama is doing his best to try to make even people with private gardens have to spray chemicals on them instead of allowing organic food. Makes me wonder what the government might be purposely putting in those chemicals...

  3. Goodness gracious Brenda. Great decision about eating at home. I'm sure glad your little one is okay. Praise the Lord! That is sad all the crime that is happening around you. I pray for that to all end, so you can live in piece. Blessings to you and have a great week!!!

  4. What a good post. It wouldn't hurt most of us to stay home more than we do. This is creepy. My sil lives in Mexico and wants us to go visit her and I don't want to, and now I think this is a good reason not to go. We don't have illegals up where I live because it is all mechanized farming, not hand-labor farming. Didn't know about HAVING to spray chemicals on your own gardens!!! Yikes.

  5. Brenda,

    This is good post with some good advice: eat at home.

    I almost laughed out loud when you mentioned your husband listening to Michael Savage. If we happen to be in the car some evenings, we catch a bit of his show. While I agree with his politics, for the most part, he always seems likehe hates everybody, doesn't he? I do find him very funny, though I don't know what that says about my sense of humor.

    If I lived in Texas, I wouldn't be caught dead in restaurant right about now. I was jsut telling my husband some of this (we talk on the phone during his lunch break), and he pointed out that most of the produce we buy here in the US comes from south of the border, so wash your fruits and veggies a little extra for good measure.

    I went to the farmer's market this weekend and bought a lot of local produce (for a pretty good price, too). Since my attempt at a garden failed miserably, it's the next best thing.

    I'm not giving up on the gardening, though. I'll get ot right at some point. If at first you don't succeed...

  6. I am so glad the little one is well!

    We do listen to Savage, but I am a RUSH girl. Hee hee...I even have the T-shirt! LOL!

    We have been eating at home as well, but more for finanial issues lately. Although, my husband rather be home and thinks food out is gross. It is really hard to eat yummy veggie meals out too.

    Maybe you should start a cooking at home thingy...

  7. I practically read this whole post with my mouth gaping open (I'm sure THAT was attractive). Good grief!

    I'm a "eat at home" fan especially since I discovered all these great cooking blogs that give me ideas and inspiration. I'm learning a lot (cooking things I've never tried before), I'm saving's a win all around!

    Hope Little Bit recovers quickly!

  8. Gosh Molly--wish I'd seen that! :)

  9. Civilla, here is the information about gardens etc.

    Our government is corrupt to the core.

  10. What's the swine flu? Sorry- I'm a bit out of the loop since we're in SA and I don't have a tv, and I REFUSE to look at news on the internet.

    So- someone fill me in please! And I agree- eating at home cannot be beaten. Unless you're a stinky cook...but even that can be overcome. I am living proof!

    I even have some stories I could share, but won't. LOL.


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