Friday, April 3, 2009

Diary of a Room Makeover: The Closet Update

I'm painting the inside of the closet white.

It's not impressing me so far.

But I think the point is to have it organized in such a way that the doors stay closed 95% of the time.

Or at least I've heard that's how closets work.

I've never seen that in action.


  1. I've never seen that in action for more than a week, EVER.

    Of course, if the closet is really organized and neat, that kind of reduces my compulsion to slam the door shut every time I pass it!

  2. "I've never seen that in action"

    Crack me up.

  3. And you won't see either here, doors closed or closets organized. Feel better now? :)

  4. are you typing on your laptop, stuck in the corner? Do you need a rescue?

  5. HA!! To everything everyone has said.

    Again, I say a hearty HAHAHA! Thanks for making me laugh today. :0)

  6. We're building a new bedroom for my 2 girls (6&3 years) and I'm not even putting any doors on the closets. I know they won't be closed. Ever. I'm just hanging a curtain there for when Grandma visits!


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