Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let's See If I Can Explain This Better

So I was explaining what the Tea Parties were to Sweetheart today. While driving in the car. To drive by our city's Tea Party (that we got to just as it was ending but we walked up there anyway so we can say we went.) Maybe I shouldn't multi-task in this way.

I began by reminding her of the dilemma in the Felicity books about her father not selling tea in his store. I quickly went through my very thorough knowledge (end sarcasm) of the original Boston Tea Party. She actually knew quite a bit about this from the American Girl books.

Then I tried to explain what was going on around the nation today. I was pretty impressed with her understanding. I explained that the Bible tells us to follow the laws of the land and render unto Caesar and all that.....but that we didn't want MORE taxes and that we wanted the new president to be responsible with the country's budget like our family has to be. She knew what "debt" meant and "cash on the barrel." (Thank you Little House on the Prairie). I was amazed at how much she has learned during these last 2 years of homeschooling.

I supposed one shouldn't swell with too much pride though. When we got home she asked me if I was "cooking tea." I guess she saw the pot on the stove. I told her I had already made tea today.

"But isn't that illegal today, Mom?" she asked.

Oh dear.

Let's hope I can do a better job explaining Fitness Friday!!!

OK--first of all.....I AM SO GLAD TO KNOW YOU GUYS ARE BACK ON!!!!! We all kind of drifted off for awhile and I honestly wasn't sure it was going to be worth it to dust off Mr. Linky. But it seems he will get some use this week! Glad you all are back.

Since we are all feeling motivated, I'm going to give out a simple assignment this week. As usual, you can follow the assignment, or talk about whatever you like--about fitness of course, not how badly you need to vacuum or memories of your great Aunt Edna's cat because that just wouldn't be appropriate, you know?

We're flexible around here. So this week, I'm asking you to:

1. Introduce yourself. We have some new faces joining us and it's just polite.
2. Tell us why you are joining/rejoining Fitness Friday. (Keep it short--my pants won't button, it's almost swimsuit season, my children don't fit on my lap anymore....whatever.)
3. Rank these in the order of importance to you.....

*overall health
*weight loss
*eating healthy
*specific health issues (got to do this or doctor will be very angry)
*toning/shaping/muscle development
*fitness stamina (like to be able to climb stairs without half dying)
*pregnancy health
*clothes (feeling and looking better in them, or changing sizes altogether)
*anything else I've left off

Of course you can word them better and all.

And just to be perfectly CAN drink tea while you blog about all this, m'kay?

Thanks for joining us and I'll see you all on Friday!!!!


  1. But I have a GREAT story about my Aunt Edna's cat. I suppose I'll have to share another time...

    You crack me up, Brenda! Looking forward to Friday!

  2. Ha! I leave the vacuuming to the robot. :-)

  3. You went to a tea party? Neat!!

    If I didn't have toddlers, I certainly would have went to the one we had down here.

    Looking forward to Friday! I need to switch gears on my blog anyway ;0

  4. Hey, I was at our local tea party in spirit. Does that count?

    Anyway, I'm geared up and ready to get back into it! Thanks for the guidance on the blog topic for tomorrow. See you back here then...


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)