Friday, May 9, 2008

Socialization: Our Ever-Widening Circle

The meme today at Heart of the Matter is socialization. Before I tell you how we did it this year, let me tell you how we USED to do it. And, for the purpose of this post, socialization is defined as interacting with people other than the people who live in our house.

My children, one year ago, got up and went to school or daycare. There they interacted with their teachers and other staff members, lots of other children their same age, and also grandparents, aunts, cousins, and friends at church.

Does going to Wal-Mart count?

This year they interacted with the kids at the homeschool Brownie troop, troop leaders and other parents, all the parents and children in our homeschool play group, friends at church, the adults who come to our house for Bible study, the librarians and other children at story time, children they meet at parks, friends we meet for play dates, their grandparents, aunts, cousins, etc.

I did think of one close relationship we have lost this year: they have not seen the nurses and doctor at the pediatrician's office nearly as much as they did last year. Hmmm. We used to see them once a month at least.

Even more important to me: they have learned to interact with each other. That is priceless. And we have learned how to just be at home and not interact with anyone some days. And that's good too.

I don't know many homeschoolers who are concerned over socialization, but if you need some information for friends or family, or you are just curious how others handle it, head on over and see what others had to say!


  1. Not worried one bit.

    I KNOW how well I was socialized in government school. Blech. I was a mess.

    It was only the Lord living in me that made it so that I can get along with others. 'Round here, we're very thankful to have TIME to raise our girls in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Homeschooling gives us that time.

  2. you know what I have to say about this...reason #499,489 to home school my children!!


  3. Great post! I love the point about the dr's office visits. When my son was in PS, we were there OFTEN. Now the doctor will look at my kids' folders every couple of years and chuckled because there is almost NOTHING in their files!

  4. One of my closest friends home school's her children and I'm pretty sure the kids think I am an alien! We have lot's of fun. It amazes me that some people think homeschooling means you are totally isolating your children from other human beings.


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