Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just a Little Update

I wish I had something profound to share this morning---but I don't. It's Spring. It's May. I'm ready for school to be over.

That's about that.

So here's what else is going on. Are you sitting down? It's going to be REALLY really exciting. (End of sarcasm.)

  • I HAVE to find a way to be a better housekeeper. I WANT my house to look nicer. I plan to do some serious decluttering this summer. I wake up with the best of intentions and at the end of the day, it doesn't look too good. I was just sure (like Karly) that when I got home...things would be in order all the time. That hasn't panned out for me.
  • We are ready for Brownies to be over. If we stayed in, Little Bit could be a Daisy next year. It's tempting, I'll tell you. But then I tell Sweetheart it's time for Brownies and she moans. Guess she's over it now that the big camping trip is over. The girls in the troop are really nice. I like a lot of things about the troop. But, you know all the issues I've had. So, I'm thinking of piano lessons for Sweetheart next year. Now, what can Little Bit do? I want her to have an activity. Sweetheart went to gymnastics when she was 5. I made the mistake of asking around at our homeschool play group what all activities their kids are in and I could not believe how much running around some parents do! Still thinking...
  • I have a quilt to sew for Little Bit. Well, I have stacks of squares that will be a quilt one day. How can you sit down to work on something like that when there is ALWAYS something else that needs to be done first?
  • Did I mention that I'm really ready for school to be over? I think it's my house that's freaking me out. I want to just wake up and spend the day working on the house and school is interfering with that. If my house were in order...I rather enjoy working on things with the girls around the table. And reading to them. But I am very distracted by my environment right now.

OK, to sum things up. 1. School needs to be over. 2. My house needs to be in order.

How are things going at your house?


  1. Oh Brenda, this was profound! I am TOTALLY on the same wavelength as you.

    Cancel school for Thursday and Friday and do some MAJOR organizing-- enough to get you through the rest of school. I totally understand being distracted by your environment. My husband would always tell me I was procrastinating if I worked on my "environment" instead of the seemingly more important task at hand. But, I just couldn't do it. I always felt so much better getting all my ducks in a row.

    And, I am with you. I am trying to avoid carting my kids around to this activity or that. Esp. since summer is coming. It is too stinkin' hot to cart anyone anywhere. But, I do need to come up with some things to do so we don't get bored.

    Oh, and how did you find a homeschool group? I need to get me one of those...

    Hang in there, friend. :)

  2. My house is pretty disorganized right now, at least on the surface. We've tackled a lot of the big, deep cleaning stuff to get ready for baby, but with the Princess in full toddler mode, things rarely look neat and tidy: crayons on the table, baby dolls and board book strewn throughout the family get the picture. It was driving me crazy, but I'm learning to live with it because right now I'm waddling too slowly to keep up with it all.

    As for school: you don't do school during the summer? I'm interested because as I research and prepare for homeschool I find arguments for taking off the whole summer, and also the perspective of taking mini breaks (2 weeks or so) a few times a year. Just curious your perspective.

  3. Seriously? With homeschooling you have a summer break? Reason #489,009 to homeschool my kids.

    I don't have any answers for you, as I often think the same thing myself. But, I can't wait to hear any brilliant advice others may have.

    Because, for me, when my house needs some work, I just shut the doors. That's probably not what you're looking for, here, though.

  4. When I feel out of control house-wise, I go postal on a junk drawer. Throwing away the junk, within a contained space, helps me see to how to clean up some of those larger spaces.

    When I feel out of control homeschool-wise, I declare a sleep in morning. We might not get started until 9:00, but everyone being more rested means we're all less cranky and certainly more efficient. The other tactic is to have a school-lite day, where the three R's are hit, but the "electives" are allowed to slide.

    These things and chocolate, always chocolate, help control the craziness.

  5. I like Elle's suggestions! :)

    I have been so ready for school to be done, too, and it almost is! YAY! I've never been good at the school year round thing.

    Yes, to chocolate. :)

    Re the house? You'll get it. A little at a time!

  6. Suggestion for the house: I have a good friend who takes out her calendar and assigns a room or closet to each day. On that day, she only works on undone projects, heavy cleaning, organization, or whatever needs to be done in that particular room on that particular day. Each room or space gets hit at least once a month. If you have a room that doesn't need much work, you can assign that room to a day you know you'll have little time. Seems to work great for her. I'm going to put it into practice this summer!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)