Monday, May 5, 2008

Prayers for Myanmar

We have a dear friend who lives and works in Myanmar. Several years ago I had never heard of this country (also known as Burma). Here is a map. But through our friend we have learned much about this little country in the last few years. When we got home from church Sunday I saw on the computer that Cyclone Nargis had hit their country and over 300 people were believed dead.

Today that number is more than 10,000.

From people we have been able to contact, we believe our friend to be alive, but we are not certain. Obviously, communication is down. The area where she lives was almost completely destroyed. If she is alive, is she homeless? Does she have basic necessities? Is she OK and able to help others? We don't know. So we pray.

It is very frustrating to be so far away. If I could, I would be there helping those people right this very minute. They need help and they need to know the Lord.

Please pray for our friend and the people of Myanmar. It's all I know to do right now.

News story here.


  1. Praying for the health and safety of your friend along with the people of Myanmar. Also praying that you all will hear news soon.

  2. Praying. This is an awful tragedy. I sincerely hope and pray your friend is OK. I hope there government will let us come in and help soon.

    God Bless,


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