Tuesday, February 28, 2012

School Week 20something and Pregnancy Week 29

Our school weeks are all jacked up. We are in between two different weeks depending on what subject you inquire about. Whatever. We're getting it done.

Little Bit is continuing to read Dr. Seuss books to me. It's so exciting to watch her learn to read. I help her with a lot of words still, but sometimes she'll really get going and it makes me so happy.

I'm reading In Grandma's Attic to her. This is a really neat collection of stories from the author's grandmother. The stories are from when her grandmother was a little girl. They nearly all have some sort of "lesson learned" quality to them and are very entertaining. To aid with comprehension, I had Sweetheart draw this picture for me

and then we copied it. Each day after I read the chapter to Little Bit, she illustrates that story in Grandma's thought bubble and we add the chapter title. She can flip back through this and tell you about any of the stories. We'll bind it all into a book at the end.

Sweetheart and I flipped through her remaining assignment sheets yesterday to see what we had left to do before baby comes. We'll get as far as we can. I told her when I go to the hospital, she can take her remaining reading books to grandma and grandpa's house with her and just read them. No worries about what chapter to stop at. She was very excited to hear that!


Now. About this pregnancy. I continue to be hit by PIHI every now and then. I cry at random times throughout the day about the strangest things. The tears don't normally even last 2 minutes. And then my crazy brain is on to something else. Sigh.

I'm past the point of "cute pregnant". At least I'm past the point of FEELING cute. I waddle. I lose my breath. I still haven't gained much weight and for that I am VERY thankful. I need to order swimsuits for me and the girls soon but I have no idea what size to order for me. Will I continue to not gain much? Or will I spend the next 11 weeks blossoming out of control? Either is possible. Hmm. Not sure what to do.

But I have this long list of things I want to get done before baby comes. I know...I've mentioned that. #1 on the list was finishing the girls' quilts. Which I did yesterday!!!! (I started the quilts in August of 2010. Whew.)

Little Bit's quilt on her bed in her blue room...

And Sweetheart's quilt on her bed in her pink and green room.  There is a lot more green in the quilts than you can see in the picture. 
They were very excited to finally have them and get to sleep with them on their beds. I just love them and I'm happy every time I walk past their rooms. With that big project out of the way, I feel I can surely accomplish my other goals in their rooms!

1. Decorating their curtains.
2. Making fabric wreaths for above their beds.
3. Getting some art work hung.
4. Various other things that don't come to mind at the moment.

And then there's the things that will cost money like new rugs, and a new dresser. Ug. Hate spending money, but I really want to get their rooms done.

THEN...I can start on the "nursery" (otherwise known as the corner of our bedroom.)

I'm starting to think we may need to flip school to the afternoons. Mama has more energy in the mornings and when I need to get things done like get the car inspected, go grocery shopping, etc., that all would happen a lot better in the mornings when I'm fresh. School--in which I sit on the couch--could come later. We may experiment with that today. It may not be best for the girls, but it may mean I have the energy to cook supper tonight. Which would be a good thing, no?


  1. I LOVE the picture Sweetheart drew!! Great job! And the quilts rock, of course. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. that's one fancy drawing by sweetheart... great job. their quilts look wonderful, too! you get cool-crafty-mom-points, for sure. :)


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