Monday, February 6, 2012

The Blessing of Rain and My To Do List

Yes, we needed it, what with the drought and all. But that's not why the rain this weekend was such a blessing.

It's because when it rains like that, husband can't mow. Well, that might not be such a blessing for him because now he's all behind and his next Saturday will be really, really busy. But for me, we had him home all weekend and that was nice.

In between the rain, Little Bit made a swing for her new dollar store doll , dried her swing off, and had a lot of fun. :)
It was nice because he and Sweetheart ran some errands together. It was nice because he had time to get some paperwork ready so I can do our taxes. It was mostly nice because now our living room and kitchen are clean.

**Happy Sigh**

I cannot tell you what a difference it makes to my Monday morning to walk into this clean area of the house. I feel like the whole day will be better and I can get anything done.

Cluttery, messy rooms really can suck the energy right out of you before you even begin!

I recently downloaded the app Teux Deux after reading about it on Pioneer Woman's site. I really, really like this app. Whatever you don't cross off of your list automatically moves to the next day for you so you don't forget about it. Well, after a lot of not sleeping last week, my accumulated Saturday list was pretty long. But I did get some curtain liners in our window!

I will sew "real" curtains later but our blinds broke and we needed something in the window besides a sheet. Five dollars worth of muslin is much cheaper than new blinds! Maybe these will help block some light and cold/heat also when the new curtains are up.

Other things still on my list that I need to get done this week?

*Change cake order at bakery for anniversary party.
*Call doctor with insurance information.
*Pick up medicine at drugstore.
*Work on pillow for Sweetheart's room.
*Pile up giveaway stuff so friend can pick it up for her garage sale (to raise money for mission trip)
*Work on quilts.

That's just the stuff that's been rolling over on my list for the last few days. But when S asks, "What do you have going on tomorrow?" I usually just say, "School."

And let's face it, when school is done....some of that list is going to keep right on rolling over to tomorrow...and the next day...and the next....

Here's your pregnancy shot for the week (pre-curtain liner!):

Almost 6 months!


  1. I want to tell you that I lesson planned for literally 6 hours last night! I had the kids bring dinner up to me! ( a casserole that i had enterprisingly made earlier in the day and just had to be thrown in the oven!) so when I came downstairs 6 HOURS later at 12:15 a.m. I SAW massive PANDAMONIUM in the kitchen... it was so much a mess (I hadn't left it that way!) and I was mad. It would have been nice if hubs had cleaned up after dinner but at the least he had three kids to boss around right! :0) But anyway, I didn't want to start my Monday waking up to that so I cleaned the kitchen and table and living room... change the laundry, made sure choir clothes were ready for in the morning etc.. and at 2:15 got into bed. Woke up at 6:45 and started my day but I will tell you as tired as I was... MY KITCHEN WAS CLEAN! :0) And bonus that i know exactly what we are doing in school today!

    And I want sewing lessons btw... i have a machine which I think needs to go in the shop but once I get it out... I need to learn to sew. So many things I want to do mean SEWING!

  2. Productiveness!! :0) And you're looking mighty cute there, Lady.


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