Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We Have Had Some Fun

It's not all about how I'm not sleeping, and how I have so much to do and we're falling behind in life!

We have had some fun with friends lately. This Mama knew she better do some things now...like go to the zoo...when she could still waddle fast enough to keep up and enjoy the day. So, we invited H-Mama, Nator, and Gracie to come along.

We had a great day! AND, I walked the whole way! I'm telling you, those $6 wheelchair rentals were looking good at one point. We had the zoo to ourselves, and it was nice and chilly. A perfect day.

I highly recommend having a photographer friend. The above photo was taken by a zoo employee, but I now have some great shots of the day because of H-Mama and her camera skilz.

And I also have some stellar shots from MY camera, such as this one:

Good times.

We've also done several things with our Keepers at Home club (which consists of one other family and us). Yesterday's meeting was all about keeping it simple. The girls are working on their Snacks Badge so they learned to make real lemonade, which we then compared to made-from-a-mix lemonade, and trail mix. Then we did a simple craft.

Also, they continue to work on their Plastic Canvas Badges.

And they learned to make "Dirt" at another meeting.

All of this will culminate in a dinner next week in which the children are in charge of the food.

The baby will come right about the time that we need to be wrapping up our Keepers club for the year and giving out the badges they've earned. We'll have to see how that all works out. Did I ever show you the pictures of Christmastime when they had their first badge ceremony?

They had a display table with pictures and examples of things they had done in the fall. 

Each girl earned 3 badges. 

Proud Little Bit. 

Pinning on Sweetheart's badges.

She really enjoyed getting these. Earning the badges was her favorite part of Girl Scouts back when we did that. 

Then we had refreshments.

Two sets of grandparents were able to be there, which made the evening special. 

Enjoying refreshment time. 

Then we all went to look at Christmas lights together. 
I have really enjoyed the Keepers Club. We set the schedule, we decide on the activities, we are in charge. AND....no fundraising! It's been nice.

But enough about fun with friends, my to-do list this week is 2 pages long. Yes, that is ALL for THIS week! I am ready for this 50th anniversary reception to get here. Off to get started on my list!


  1. you are a hoot, girl. looks like your girlies are having fun with great friends. ;) and for the record, i'm highly impressed that you walked the distance at the zoo. i might have asked a friend to push me. ;)

    see you tomorrow!

  2. We bought a Keepers at Home book at the BSCH book sale last year. I have read through it, but done nothing! I actually did a search online for a group - I wish I had known y'all were doing this! Did you make the badges yourself, or buy them somewhere? On a totally different note - any momma who lets their child drink red kool-aid in the living room is OFFICIALLY WAY NICER than me!!! Hahaha The girls look really proud - what a great evening!

  3. I had to go back and look at the pictures! I was lime, "they're drinking red koolade??" :) pregnancy insanity + crappy carpet= IRS ok! And you are mire than welch to join us although this year is winding down....we'd live to expand next year!

  4. Oh, and we ordered the badges and sashes from the website.


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