Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not Enough Hours in the Day

I know. We ALL get 24 hours. It's how you choose to spend them, right?

But the thing is, we don't always get to choose.

First of all, you can subtract sleeping (or laying in bed trying to sleep). That leaves me 15 or so hours.

A very blurry picture of Little Bit and her friend, who wore matching shirts to the skate party last week. Not planned. 

Then there are all the have-to-do things necessary for life like cooking, eating, laundry, etc.

You have to pay bills.
You have to pick up the house. A lot.

Factor in that I am spent by the afternoon/evening and probably am not going to be very productive and...well...I don't have enough hours.

Sweetheart passing out Valentines.

Homeschooling really takes up time. Add in doctor's appointments (every 2 weeks now) and dentist appointments, and errands.

No wonder I'm still working on those stupid quilts!! And I think "working on" is a stretch.

But I really do have a long list of things I want/need to get done before baby comes. I have 3 months, if I make it to term, which I usually do. I'm starting to feel the crunch and wishing I had done more when my stomach was smaller.

More Valentine distribution. 
So I pray. I pray for a dresser for Little Bit. I pray that I'll be able to finish fixing up the girls' rooms for little to no money. (Currently? Mod Podging a puzzle to frame for Little Bit's room. Already had the puzzle, the Mod Podge, and the frame. Score!) I pray for strength and energy and the ability to prioritize.

I want more time. But we must keep going in school. Dropping school is not an option. Trying to figure out how I can school and sew at the same time. I'm sure it can be done.

What always gets left out in your day? That thing you want to have time for but never seem to?


  1. blogging! must. make. time. ;)

  2. school. LOL! No really. Um sleep. :o)-- although generally when I am NOT sleeping I am not always being productive, sometimes I do laundry or dishes, blog or email but generally I watch HULU. :0) I think I leave out time for excercise of course accidently! i leave out time for getting the extra (i.e quilts) done! Or like I need to paint, or take drycleaning! I need to pick up crickets before the lizards die-- wait.. bad idea??? lol. Which btw do your girls want to earn money when we go to Dallas March 2-4, the animals are all downstairs! and I promise we wont run out of crickets! :0) (unless I "decide" to first!)


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)