Monday, February 20, 2012

The Anniversary

The registry book. I don't think half the guests signed it as the room was so crowded they couldn't see the table!

Two of the photo boards and the Willow Tree figure my sister bought them.

The other 2 photo boards and our attempt to cover the vending machines behind them! 

The punch table. 

The cake, which thankfully did not end up on Cake Wrecks.

Behind the cake table. 

A table for people to leave cards they brought or to write a card.

My parents (center) with some dear friends. 

Sweetheart and Gnat served punch and did a great job!

And someone actually got a picture of me and S together! 

It was a great party--Mom and Dad had fun--and I'm glad it's over!!

Now? It's time to get ready for this little one to join our family!


  1. I would love to see more pictures! :)

  2. Looks like it was a lovely celebration. Great job!

  3. so sweet... i know your parents must be proud to have such a thoughtful daughter. ;)


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)