Thursday, March 1, 2012

Afternoon School

So the other day I experimented with running the errands in the morning and putting school off until after lunch. It worked BEAUTIFULLY!! I didn't nearly pass out in the grocery store and school still got done. We've continued the trend this week and we've been able to eat at home because Mama still had energy. This morning we did a Target run and I paid bills while the girls are enjoying the beautiful weather outside. But it's almost time to come in...

Anyway, I mentioned on Facebook about how afternoon school went great and all my homeschool homies start admitting how they've fallen asleep while reading aloud in the afternoons. Cracked me up!! I have never fallen asleep during school! Now don't get me wrong, I slept through most of the fall but I called school off first! :) I just thought that was funny. Anyone else doze off while teaching? (Also, if homeschoolers can achieve the results they do with obviously sleep-deprived moms at the wheel....just think what we could do with enough sleep!)

Looking forward to a field trip tomorrow and S is going to join us! It's about an hour and a half away from home so it'll feel like a mini vacation. Can't wait! AND...we have a date night this weekend too! (With a gift card!) It's going to be a great weekend!

Also...planning to finish Sweetheart's curtains
*found rugs for around $20 each for the girls' rooms
*hoping to hang some wall art up in Little Bit's room
*more than anything--I want a clean house!


  1. It's funny that you asked about falling asleep while reading, because that nearly happened to me yesterday! I was so tired (it was after lunch) and I was reading to my 6 year old on the couch. I could barely keep my eyes open. I'm pretty sure I nodded off once or twice because when I tried to say the words at one point, they just came out slurred and I had to keep repeating myself! ;-)

  2. we all roll the same-- and it is quite a thought if we werent sleep deprived what could we accomplish! Wow!

    Have FUN on the trip tomorrow-- you know FITTING and all. :0)

    and have fun on your date night-- gift card date nights are the BEST!

  3. Are you saying I won't fit in the ship???? :)

  4. We all barely fit! Those ships were crowded! But thankfully, no tiny staircases to go up and down like the Battleship Texas!


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