Sunday, September 13, 2009

When It All Comes Together

I usually do my lesson planning on Sunday afternoons. That's new by the way as this is the first year I have ever actually DONE lesson plans. Anyway, it's working out pretty well so far.

I sometimes wait too long to get started and end up wishing I had gone earlier to get this book from the library or copied this thing or bought this item at the know how it is. Things that would make our school better but aren't entirely necessary. They all seem really, really necessary when I'm in the middle of planning.

This week I looked at our calendar and saw that Sweetheart was supposed to do another week of Pioneers and then a week of Explorers. We were both bored just thinking about that Explorer unit and we were so over Pioneers already. What was I thinking back in August when I planned all this?

Well that's what being flexible is all about. So I made an executive decision to change her theme unit to Detectives. That's what she's been spending all her time doing anyway. She's had her nose in a detective book all week. She's set up a detective agency in the playroom closet. Why not follow her interests?

And next up on the calendar for Little Bit is Dinosaurs, which is all she's been waiting for since Kindergarten started. So I have two REALLY happy girls tonight. They can't wait for school tomorrow.

But will I have time to get all this together? With the last minute planning and all? Thank you HomeschoolShare!!!! I found two super great free lapbooks/units on both themes!!!! And get this: the dinosaur unit is from a creation point of view! How rare is that? The first activity is a booklet on the days of creation from Genesis which is exactly what she's memorizing for Bible class anyway!!!! And there is also a dinosaur coloring book with handwriting practice and it uses Handwriting Without Tears font!!! Just what she's learning.

It gets better! Sweetheart is memorizing the Lord's Prayer in Bible class and her teacher gave her homework to write it out this week. Hello Bible/Handwriting!!!! And even the detective unit manages to bring the Bible into it with a booklet about how they are fearfully and wonderfully made (pertaining to the fingerprints study). I just LOVE homeschooling.

And I love it when it all comes together.


  1. Sounds awesome! My kids love detective stories too. Have your girls ever read Cam Jansen? They are younger books, but still fun reads. And it's about a girl! :0)

    Thanks for the link to their site. I've never done lapbooks before, and am interested in learning more.

  2. That is really, really cool Brenda.

  3. Oh yes! My sister-in-law has been buying Cam Jansen books for Sweetheart for a few years now. There are a lot of great series on this theme.
    Cam is just about her easy reading level. That's the kind of books she sits and reads by herself for fun. And still Berenstein Bears. :)

  4. I love it when things seem to all fall together! Your girls are blessed to have you as their teacher... go mama go!

  5. YAK !!! Lesson plans, don't remind me of the things I still have to do!

    Mine love the Berenstein Bears too !!

  6. i loved your post! and that is one of the many things i love about homeschooling! being able to adjust your plans and schedules according to your kids interests and strengths!
    i do a portfolio every year to be evaluated at the end of the year, and submitted to the state. i can't remember where you live? how do you have to do it? i love doing a portfolio :)


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