Friday, September 11, 2009

I Am So Over My Hair

******Edited: I made up my mind!!! See below.*****
What do you do with your hair on a daily basis?

If you have longish hair (shoulder length or more)....what do you usually do with it? I am so tired of the 2 or 3 ways I wear my hair every single day.

I've read all the links on Ladies Against Feminism and I really don't have a desire to learn to do styles from the early 1900s anyway. As if I could. Oh I think some of them are lovely but what I would really need is a personal hairdresser.

I am CONVINCED that if I only had a personal hair and make-up person that I could look perfectly smashing every day.

And that profile picture of me over there? Yeah. It's from nearly 3 years ago. FYI my hair is half-way down my back and I have bangs, although not severe Kindergarten bangs, you know?

What do I do?????
Before. Bored with my lifeless do.

After. Now I have sprung to life again!!!Thanks everyone! ;)


  1. Well, have you tried to grow out your bangs and then make them sweep to one side? Know what I'm talking about? I think that would look good on you.

    Or, have you tried layers? That could work too.

    But I think you should just go for it, and bring the perm back into style.

    B ~ I would have to just laugh if you did!
    I think you should trim the edges a little and get some layers in there. I think you would look adorable with layers.

    Since my hair is curly, I run my fingers through it in the morning and pull it up in the "brain thingy" that you see me with every time. It's just up in a pony tail.

  3. Oh G I miss me some perms!!!!! And I find it interesting that the 2 most curly headed people I know in life have answered this post. :)

    I will have to find pictures of my wonderful permed hair in college. Oh I miss perms.

  4. Giovanna, I had no idea you were a curly sister!! Woot! And I think layers are the way for Brenda to go too. Instant body...adorable.

  5. I am afraid I don't have any good ideas for you. I have worn my hair approximately the same way most of my life. However, I have been spending some time looking for web sites with hair styles for you. I know you don't have the time to sit in front of the computer looking doing that but here is one place. I don't really feel like I would be able to pick out a good style for you. HOWEVER; I tend to think a shorter cut with kind of a page boy look and whispy around the face.????
    Well good luck

  6. Hi! I haven't been around in some time. you look fantastic!

  7. Whoa- that's some stinkin' long hair! Did you get layers put in, or did you curl it? I love it!! I think it looks great! Good choice, whichever it was. :0)

  8. wow stunning transformation!!!

  9. Tons of layers :) But she curled it too. Not sure I will be able to do that great of a job on the curling, but it's good to know I can fancy it up for special occasions.


  10. You look really beatiful! Love the layers.

  11. Looks nice! :)

  12. Girl, I just think it is ALL about the SMILE...when our attitude glows the remaining parts of us begins to shine!

  13. LOVE the hair! It's perfect! :)


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)