Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Fish

Little Bit caught her first fish tonight!

Look closely. Can you see it? It's under Daddy's hand. It was a tiny hardhead. She didn't care. She was SO proud!

And Sweetheart caught her first fish back in May on a camping trip. She caught another one tonight. It was a whiting.

It was really fun! Since S and I don't have fishing licenses right now, I suppose if times get tough we'll be employing these two to catch supper for us.

I might need to stock up on Ramen noodles.


  1. I see it! I see it! What a perfect little fish for Little Bit! Look at that smile , oh she's so cute! Can we come by for dinner? We've got some ramen noodles. : )

  2. How cute. Fishing IS exciting. That first nibble can really get the blood going. :) I haven't been fishing in forever.

  3. I love fishing too!

    As long as someone else will bait the hook.

    And take the fish off after.

    And skin them and such.

    I just want to cast, reel, and eat. LOL


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