Friday, September 18, 2009

The Useless Label Maker

I bought a label maker today. The cool kind. Not that turn it and squeeze it kind that spits out red or blue tape with embossed white letters on it like my parents had when I was a kid.

It was only $20 at Target and it's going to transform my life.

Or so I thought. But let me back up a bit.

This morning I got up and typed up a vision statement for our house. I know! I am a HUGE nerd. The thought came to me last night and this morning I sat down and hammered it out while the biscuits were in the oven. I'm a regular Jerry Maguire over here.

I have made some firm decisions about how I want this house to run. And my vision required a label maker. I labeled the pantry shelves just now. Then I went walking around looking for other things to label......

....and I realized there is nothing else I can label until I get things straighted up around here. It's pretty bad when you open a cabinet and stand staring at the contents unable to come up with a word or even a phrase that describe the contents of that cabinet.

I have work to do.


  1. Because I also have a useless label maker, I totally enjoyed this post much more than you probably thought anyone would.

  2. Now I want a labelmaker. But I want the kind that spits out embossed letters. I thought that WAS the cool kind.

  3. My label maker is far from useless! And I love it!!
    I got it last year for Christmas or birthday, I can't remember and have already gone through the batteries twice and am on my third label refill!
    You need to get some of those clear shoe boxes in the tupperware aisle. Organize your stuff into those, close lid, label and stack! It's wonderful !!!!
    I also use it to label things in the attic : ) I have one of the most organized attics you have ever seen baby!

  4. BTW ~ welcome to Nerdhood. It's fun!

  5. G--I've been living in Nerdville a long time.

    Terry, I'm so glad you understand. One can only label things when they, grouped with other like items. Hmm.

    Caeseria--I really did like that old kind. But I love this new one b/c you can type on it! :)

  6. I use a label maker. The old kind. In my scrapbooks.

    Well, I used to. When I scrapbooked. Before life got crazy. :)

    So how many times have you looked at your pantry shelves since labeling them? :) Because when I get accomplished like that with something, I go back and look at it over and over. It makes me feel good. :)

  7. gee I want one too! ;^)
    How fun could that be!

  8. I think we have some confusion here. Karly you surely do not own one of these, do you?

    Old kind:

    New kind:

  9. Okay, well not THAT old. :)

    This is the one I have, the one that earned 1 1/2 stars. Still works for me. :)


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