Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Truth

I have a blob of stuff in my kitchen floor because I swept but can't find the dust pan. So I just set the broom up beside it. It's kind of like art.

We haven't eaten many meals at the table in the last few weeks because I've had my sewing machine set up there making stuff for the booth. I KNOW I have a "sewing room" but it's too crowded and junked up to work in very well. It's a really small space. Sigh.

The homeschool room is not exactly looking "picked up" at the end of every day. I sent the girls in there to straighten it up this afternoon and they totally did except somehow they didn't notice the 15 or 20 items and pieces of paper on the floor.

There is an extra chair sitting in the kitchen right now. We got it out to have extra seats at Sweetheart's birthday party and for the life of me, I can't remember where it was sitting before that. So we just sort of keep pushing it around from place to place when it is in our way. I know. Not many of you could live like that. I have what we call "special abilities."

It's sort of amazing what I can step over, around, and ignore.

Fess up, my unorganized friends. Tell me the truth about your house.


  1. You are so funny! My kids have that same ability, or inability to see the 15-20 things..paper on the floor all that.

    I was going to just do a blog post about the weird random things that stay on my computer desk...maybe I will get around to it tomorrow.

    I will just say my house is a total wreck...and my perspective of a clean house has really loosened up too. If I have clean spaces to walk through, I feel like I have really accomplished things.

  2. lol, I haven't had a dustpan in years... I just grab notebook paper folded in half... not so sturdy, but we manage. ;^)
    So, i remember when you did the KIR about homeschool spaces ... that was when we had SPACE ... now we are confined in a tiny house w/ d mil... and boy, am I having to adjust... less space seems to produce more clutter piles more quickly... ugh!

  3. I don't use a dust pan either. The ones here leave a 1/4" gap between the floor and the pan, so they're useless.

    I have a handy vac. That thing is awesome.

  4. I haven't seen the complete top of my dining table in months. The only time it gets cleaned off is when someone has a birthday. The next on is in October. I'll probably uncover it then.

  5. My master bedroom closet is a disaster! And the closet where I keep all the kids' books and art supplies? Don't get me started. Laundry area? Ha! Wouldn't know where to start.

    Truthfully, I am pretty good at picking up the areas I actually have to walk through and sit in. I'm kind of type A that way. I have plenty of mess in this house. I just don't want to SEE it all around me. So I play games of avoidance until I get around to cleaning it up.

  6. Brenda, you should set up a Mr Linky! You inspired me to blog about The Truth at my house. I have SO done the "broom near the pile of dirt" artwork at my house at times, LOL! You should photograph it ;-) Thanks for being real!

  7. We have five people living in a 1 bedroom, 700 sq ft house. Three of those people are 2 and under. They have the bedroom. That should be enough information for you to know the state of my house. Even when it is super clean, there is clutter everywhere, despite my efforts at downsizing.

    We are also moving next week, which means there is stuff EVERYWHERE. (Can you believe I'm going to have a THREE bedroom house, where the bathroom is NOT attached to the KITCHEN, and I can hook up my washing machine INSIDE, and where I will not have my bed in the living room?)

  8. I too have used folded paper for a dustpan. Half a paper plate works better, but I'm fresh out of those. Anyway, I found the dustpan this morning. :)

    Tammi Kay---it's good to have goals. :) At our old house we had both a kitchen table and a formal dining room table. Oh the effort it took to clean off that dining room table!!! Still, I wish I had it back now b/c that would mean I could keep my sewing machine set up. That would be nice. :)

    Mrs. W--yeah!!! Congrats on the new house! I can just imagine the moving mess. Ug.


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