Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Renewed Vision for What I Do......(Don't Worry, This is Not an Inspirational Post)

OK. I cannot get enough of these videos.

If you have watched The Tonight Show all these many years, then these are not new to you...but I haven't so they are.

Here is an awesome Jaywalking segment from The Tonight Show. Dear. Me.

And this video nearly killed me. Really???

I've been watching these kinds of videos all afternoon and let's just say I am feeling the enormity of my task as the educator of my children. And concerned greatly about the results of public education.

I asked Sweetheart to name a country that began with a "U" and, without pause, she said, "United States." Thank you. I can sleep better tonight. 'Cause after watching all these adults who COULD NOT do that today...I was getting kind of worried. By the way, there were also adults who could not answer the question, "How many sides does a triangle have?"

Goodness sake people. I don't care if your kids go to public, private, or homeschool but this is NOT OK!!!!

Read to your kids. A lot. Please?


  1. While I agree that those videos are appalling (especially the educator), I wonder how many people that ask before they find someone that is that stupid. I mean surely there are some people who know that we got our independence from the British or didn't believe that Mt Rushmore is in Australia.

    I hope.

  2. About 2 years ago (that timing is coincidental, huh?:), I was shocked at what my kids DIDN'T know. At that time they were in 7th and 8th grades. Too late, in my dh's opinion, to be thinking of yakning them out of public school, which is what I wanted to do, as you know. Especially since they were also getting way too much of an education in the ways of the world to boot.

    Multiplication tables, words that kids in "advanced" classes should be able to define, basic geography, it was horrible.

    So we have been working hard since then to shore up what we can while we can. But it ain't easy. Especially with hours of mostly useless homework.

    I am appalled at myself for not paying more attention soone rather thanbeing lulled to sleep by labels like "honors" and what I know now are mostly inflated grades.

    Pardon me for writing abook, Brenda, but this one struck a cord.

  3. Christi--Oh I know they screen for them. Like you, I hope these are the minority. :)

    Terry, I remember just the 1 1/2 years Sweetheart was in public school, the teacher would tell me things I could work on with her at home and I would think, "WHEN?" The homework took all the free time we had!And that includes play time. I will never forget the sight of that kid sitting at a desk in her room with a little desk light on it. We had placed it where I could look down the hall while cooking supper to check on her. She had her head bent over her work---1st grade work---with her head in her hands. At the age of 6. And it wasn't doing any good either!!!!

    Anyway, I remember. WHEN are you supposed to shore up? I remember.

  4. Oh my gosh, really?! I can't believe some of those answers!
    And is it just me or did that educator look like she was dressed to go to a night club? UGH !

  5. I've tried to comment three times without success, and am just gonna give up and say I agree! There. DONE.

  6. okay, asked the Kids the country beginning with U question and the triangle question...

    Kate and Matt looked at me like I was crazy as they answered! Emily knew the triangle of course and she answered United States but I THINK she heard Kate answer earlier??? I will ask her again later...

    The Jaywalking thing make me CRAZY...

    Once he asked Who lives in Vatican City, and the girl answered THE VATICANS... Jay Leno smirking said okay, Who lives in Vatican City and wears a pointy hat... THE GIRL SAID ABRAHAM LINCOLN

  7. Ha ha! I am of the opinion that most children should be homeschooled for atleast k5-1st. From my experience if children can read and read well that they will have an easier time of it wherever they school.

  8. Thank you for a great laugh today. Though I have to say, they probably had to ask 50 people for each one of these "doozies." I hope. :]


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