Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Facebook is Ruining My Ability to Blog

I started this blog because I had a lot to say and I needed a place to say it! Facebook, however, allows me to give one or two sentence updates on my oh so terribly exciting life. So, my brain doesn't get as clogged up. Am I even capable of writing an entire post anymore? Hmm. Guess we'll have to do a list today. It's more brain-friendly.

  • I still have an on-going struggle to protect my time at home and my most important jobs--helper to S and keeper of this home. There is CONSTANTLY something else to get involved in. But I firmly believe that if I participate in other things to the neglect of my husband, children, and home....then I have done wrong. It's a delicate, delicate balance.

  • Husband and I have opened a craft booth at a local craft and antique mall. We've been really busy building (him) and sewing (me) to get enough stuff to put on our tiny little shelf. We got it all set up on Monday and now, if anything should happen to sell, we would have a big, gaping hole on the shelf. So, we've still got work to do. I'm really hoping we can make some money doing this. At least it's work we can do at home.

  • Sweetheart found the coolest book ever at the library yesterday about "how to be a detective." She's set up a detective agency in the closet of the playroom and is nearly open for business. You can't write this kind of stuff into the lesson plans! She spent her whole day reading that book yesterday as well as several Encyclopedia Brown mysteries. She's also been assembling her detective kit. Today she plans to read the newspaper to see what kinds of crime has been happening in our city. It seems her interests have superseded my theme planning! I love it.

  • Mrs. June had the best post up recently that I spent several hours reading. (You know, with 500 interruptions it tends to take awhile.) It really was good! The first part is appalling, but not surprising. The second part was very encouraging. Also, have you heard of The Exodus Mandate? I know many people are not ready to take such a radical stance, but I have to agree that Christian parents need to seriously consider their education choice--not just blow it off. It's a serious thing with consequences and should be prayed about and considered carefully. Unlike me who just sent my kid off to public school Kindergarten without a single thought. Never even considered an alternative. It's just what you DO, right? Well....I think differently now. Check out the quote from John Wesley on Mrs. June's post. Wow!

Well, I better get busy. I'm going to work really hard today to think and come up with a whole entire post that is on the same topic. I know. I treat you so well, reader. You are so welcome.

Have a great day!


  1. Mrs. June's post has about 1000 links, Brenda!! I'll have to read it in detail when I have more time.

    But the Wesley quote was good.

    Oh, and I can't wait to read about the opening of the Sweetheart Detective Agency, :)

  2. That's why it took me hours!!! :)

  3. Oh, please don't just post on facebook! I would miss you here:-) I find so much encouragement from your honesty and your devotion to your home / family!
    Love the detective agency- aren't their own imaginations so much more spectacular than we give them credit for?


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