Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Out of Your Control

So, I just heard about this speech that will addressed to our nation's school children on Tuesday. Did you hear about this?

This article was the first one that caught my eye when I googled it.

But a line from this article got me. Here's the line:

"Reached Wednesday, Greer said that if the speech is simply a feel-good message about the importance of education, he doesn't object to that. But he said he doesn't trust Obama to stick to those points and said the president should not address children unless parents can review the speech ahead of time."

Um, do parents review everything said to their children ahead of time? Since when do parents get that privilege? It's a valid concern, but....what is the health teacher saying to your kids? What is your child's history teacher saying to them? How can you entrust your kids to public school and then want to see what is going to be said to them ahead of time?

It doesn't work like that.


  1. Ok, I just shocked myself at this thought but if your kids are in a state run school then you have given the choice of what your children learn to the state. The whole thing kind of creeps me out but if I have handed over my children then I don't have much room to complain. If I sent my kids to your house to be taught and you wanted to spend a whole year teaching only about dirt I have 2 choices - take my kids away from your teaching or let you teach my kids about dirt.

    This "free" education has a huge price tag that we are just beginning to see.

    On the other hand, if we ignore it and just roll our eyes, we are leaving the door open for the next Hitler Youth. So I don't know what to do about it, other than pull my kids out of school. Oh wait, I never put them in.

  2. Brenda, that's exactly what my husband's thoughts were when we talked about it. I mentioned that some folks were talking about taking their kids out for that part of the day, and he said "Why are they worried about one speech compared to an entire school career of indoctrination?" Its not the speech that's a problem - the whole system is!

  3. Well said Christi!

    I's a scary thing. And like you say, parents can't expect to review materials ahead of time...especially something planned to be said by the President!

    Wow. I am caught off guard by this, but not's pretty much in line with how the rest of his administration is run. And it's just the beginning, I'm sure...

  4. I don't know Christi---there is an awful lot to learn about dirt! :)

    And this post really isn't about the president or what he is or is not going to say. The point is....parents don't get to send their kids to public school and also control what they learn. I could have hundreds of scary examples.

  5. I agree, it's one of those things that because of your decision to put your children in public school you lose your right to complain about it. I guess he's figuring that he's angered all the elderly and working class so he has to try to gain some ground elsewhere. Where better than with already mislead children. Julie is correct, this is only the beginning.

  6. "I could have hundreds of scary examples."

    Brenda, you should really post some of these up. It would be a great eye opener for so many!

    Many blessings...

  7. Someone should point that out, with all the parents who are objecting - "You gave your children to the State to educate - and NOW you want to know what they're being taught?" If they're mad enough, they should pull their kids.


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