Thursday, July 16, 2009

Removing Cheese From the Bathtub

I can't wait to see what Google searches direct people to this post!

Never let it be said that you cannot find a wealth of homemaking tips here at The Family Revised. Today: How to Remove Cheese from the Bathtub.

So, first of all, your 5 year old child will need to announce that she is no longer sitting in a booster seat at the dinner table. Even though when NOT seated in a booster seat, the table hits her in the neck. I guess it makes shoveling food easier.

Then you will need to attempt to clean the booster seat before storing it, decide it is too gross for a mere wiping off, and take the booster seat to the bathroom.

After running some hot, soapy water, set the booster seat in the water to soak. And, this next step is imperative: leave the booster seat there all day while the water slowly drains out the tub and forget that you ever put it there.

Then you will go to run bathwater for your children and notice that grated cheese (and numerous crumbs) has apparently floated from the cracks and crevices of the booster seat and settled on the tub and dried.

Call for your 9 year old to bring you the Pampered Chef scraper from the kitchen. Begin scraping cheese from the bottom of the bathtub. Act like this happens every day.

If your sister happens to walk in and ask what you are doing---just tell them you learned a really great homemaking tip on my blog.

And maybe they won't crack up laughing at you like my sister did.

What? Like she never scraped cheese out of the bathtub?


  1. You know, that's one of the best things about your blog. You have the BEST ideas and tips to make my life so much easier! (And, the sad thing is, I will most likely use this tip someday!) ;)

  2. Hmmmm, I could see this happening to me. Unfortunately. I get sidetracked all too easily.

  3. B
    That's hilarious! Mine just got out of his booster too and it was a horror trying to get all that crud off of it!

  4. Never a boring moment at your house, Brenda!

  5. You are too funny, no wonder I enjoy your blog so much!

    Many blessings...

  6. Brenda I am having a fairly bad weekend and I am telling you right now... that just made it all better!


  7. Carrie, I am so glad I could help! :)

  8. This is my favorite post 0f all times.I know you already know why."Great minds"you know.LucyT


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