Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Idiot's Guide to Duvet Covers or Visual Learners 101

So, I mentioned that I finished Sweetheart's duvet cover, right? I wanted to re-do her room about a year ago. We were both tired of the purple princess comforter and matching bedding that had been given to us for free by a sweet friend. Sweetheart said she wanted a turquoise and hot pink room. I knew I wanted stripes on the comforter. I looked in every catalog, web site, and other source possible. They were either a small fortune, or just not what I was looking for.

So my older, evil sister talked me into making a duvet cover. "It's really just a giant pillowcase, Brenda. It'll be easy!" Famous last words.

My sister was was much less expensive than others I had seen. But OH THE PAIN that went into this process.

Because you see, I am a visual learner. Moms, do you have a child like me? If you do, perhaps this will help you understand them just a little better. First a disclaimer: I am fairly intelligent. I graduated from college. Being smart has nothing to do with being visually-challenged. I am the type of person who cannot tell if an idea for rearranging the room will work unless I actually move the furniture. Then I can "see" that it doesn't fit. I simply cannot "picture" it in my mind. Obviously, this causes concerns with mathematics.

My sister knows this about me. So, she wrote out the directions step by step. She did a really good job, too....even drew pictures for me. She did everything she could to help me not be totally confused when I got home. While we were going over the directions, she looked up at my face and she just knew. I just could not "see" what she was talking about. So she grabbed some fabric scraps and made me this:

See? It's a cute miniature model of the finished product! Only the scraps she grabbed were not the colors I was using. So I was still confused. She sighed, grabbed crayons, and drew stripes on the top for me. My sister loves me. (See the confusing green color there?)

It was only by reading and re-reading the directions, and then studying my little model, that I was able to make this duvet cover. So Rachel...there's your pattern. Sorry. But if you are a visual learner like me--you'll be all set. And we can avoid any more nasty little sewing issues caused by those of us who just can't picture the final product until we are there.


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  3. That's just a tease, because I can't blow up the pictures of the example.

    Would your sister be willing to draw ANY pattern onto her scraps or do I have to pick stripes too? Because, as you WELL know, I'm obviously visual too!

    The finished product is DEVINE!! Good job! Sweetheart will adore it.'s very brave of you to pick stripes...with your OCD and all. I mean...stripes? You're just feeding your addiction. You know that, right?

  4. by the way - I like the new digs.

  5. Nice new blog design. And there's one more thing we have in common, because I, like you, can't picture the finished product in my mind's eye either. Thankfully, my hubby can not only SEE the finished product, but can also DRAW it (and very well, I might add), he helps me out with those challenges along the way.

    You did a beautiful job on the duvet cover. It's gorgeous. Love the colors.

    By the way, tomorrow I will be keepin' it real, so stay tuned!

  6. Rachel, it's the only way I can cut straight lines!!! :)

  7. I love the new design as well.

    Your duvet cover looks shockingly similar to the ones on my girls' bunk beds. Great minds...

    I am not visually challenged, but I love someone who is. And it makes me laugh. :0)

  8. Love your new look! Fun!!! :)

    And that duvet cover? I am so impressed! Visual learner or not, you made a masterpiece in my mind! :)

  9. Maybe that's why I've always had a mental block when it comes to sewing. I am also a visual person. I have to be able to "see" it to "do" it!


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